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You will see many websites advertising cheap property for sale in Slovakia making all kinds of wild claims and promises about the potential investment returns. Be warned, it is never that easy and property buyers can get sucked into deals where all is not what it first appears. Speak to our property finders and get the real low down on buying property in Slovakia.

This is a property market in its infancy and there are exceptional deals to be found and some real opportunities to make a killing alongside other potential chances to blow up in your face. This is a property market that has little room to make a mistake.

It is the brave pathfinder that invests in these types of markets and whilst some buyers are coining it in, others are wondering why they bothered and that is normally because they didn't seek advice.

What appears to be a cheap deal can come complete with a nightmare scenario of red tape and legal issues and if this is your first foray into the property investment market; buyer beware.

Our property advisors in Slovakia provide a free professional property finding service; free because it is the Slovakian property developers and estate agents who pay their fees. Our property advisors understand the market; know where to buy, what properties to buy, what type of property will let easily, how much you can really expect in rental income and how much you should really pay.

The Slovakian property market is complex and the legal bureaucracy a minefield for the uninitiated, so you should seek advice at every step.

The shrewd investor only needs to know which properties are likely to produce the best returns. Talking to us can save you money and prevent expensive mistakes. Don't leave anything to chance.

Slovakia is a land locked country that borders Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. It is an emerging country in every sense of the word. Property prices are somewhat inflated, but asking and getting are two very different things and you must be prepared to negotiate heavily.

Our property finders in Slovakia will negotiate with the Slovakian property developers and estate agents on your behalf if they believe the price of a villa or apartment is over priced, which they often are. They will know if the property has been on the market for some time. They are often able to save their clients 10's of thousands of Euros.

The countries economy is growing fast and this is likely to have a direct impact on property prices.

Mistakes happen and some inexperienced property investors get their fingers burned for any one of a score of different reasons. Some purchasers get carried away in the excitement and the heat of the moment and discover too late that they have bought a Slovakian property on the wrong side of a development or paid too much. Leave the searching and negotiating to the Slovakian property experts. You will be amazed at how much you can save.

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