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The Portuguese property market remains extremely strong and doesn't seem to have suffered as much as Spain and France where prices have levelled out. Property development in Portugal is more controlled than Spain and hasn't suffered from the over build of its nearest neighbour. People who bought a property in Portugal five or ten years ago has made an excellent return on their investment and whilst prices have risen steadily, there are still plenty of excellent property deals to be had if you know what you are doing and where to look.

Portugal therefore remains a popular destination for people to move to and buy investment property and prospects for capital growth remain strong. Rental incomes also remain buoyant if you know how to market your property and the best website to advertise a Portuguese villa or apartment.

However, in order to rent a property in Portugal successfully, you still have to know what you are doing and you have to buy the right type of property, in the right area with the right location. A matter of a few hundred yards or the wrong side of a golf development can make an enormous difference. Furthermore, to make a profit on your property through rental income, you have to buy at the right price and many people over pay for a property because they have not done their research.

Buying a villa or apartment because you have heard that people are making money out of investing in Portugal does not mean you will also be successful if you don't seek advice. People often get off the plane in Portugal with a single mission and that is to buy a property come what may. All sense of reason is often left on the plane and the idea of buying a property becomes their only intention. Making the right decision, asking for advice, doing research and only buying a property if they can see a profit is sidelined against the must have it now scenario.

As someone involved in buying investment property to let, I am often flabbergasted by what some people have chosen to buy, the price they paid for the property and the rental income they are expecting to get for it. Before I even ask the question, "What makes you think you can get generate that much income from your property?" I already know the answer - "the Portuguese estate agent told me." Which of course he or she did; because they were trying to sell you the property.

Do your sums, base the purchase price on what you are likely to generate in income throughout the school holidays if you are buying a large villa. Large holiday parties are thin on the ground outside of the school holidays. Seek proper advice.

You cannot look on the internet and decide that because one villa is being advertised for a certain price in peak season, that you can do the same. Is the property actually getting any tenants, where is it, does it have sea views, is it on a popular golf course? These are just some of the questions you need to ask. The Portuguese rental market is fickle.

Many properties remain empty throughout the winter months because the supply outstrips the demand. It is not a sellers market. The buy to let market does not generate income 52 weeks a year unless your prices are cut to the bone through the winter months. Everybody is trying to fill these weeks and unless you have bought keenly, you will lose money.

Our property consultants in Portugal provide a free professional property finding service; free because it is the Portuguese property developers and estate agents who pay their fees. Our property consultants understand the market; know where to buy, what properties to buy, what type of property will let easily, how much you can really expect in rental income and how much you should really pay.

Talking to us can save you money and prevent expensive mistakes.

Our property finders will negotiate with the property developers and estate agents on your behalf if they believe the price of a villa or apartment is over priced, which they often are. They will know if the property has been on the market for some time. They are often able to save their clients 10's of thousands of Euros.

Mistakes happen and some property investors get their fingers burned for any one of a score of different reasons. Buyers get carried away in the excitement and the heat of the moment and discover too late that they have bought a property on the wrong side of a development or paid too much. Leave the searching and negotiating to the Portuguese property experts. You will be amazed at how much you can save.

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