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Sales positions and jobs in selling. High calibre sales consultants earn high incomes selling our services and products.

Looking for a career in sales? Do you have what it takes to generate an extremely high income with no ceiling to your income potential?

We are looking for high caliber sales and business consultants with the determination to succeed off their own initiatives. Men and women capable of dealing with corporate clients at board level.

We are not looking for company sales representatives who want a nice little company car, basic wage and luncheon vouchers. We are looking for sales people who want a sales career where there are no limits to their earning potential. People who seek high rewards and a lifestyle only real success can secure.

We believe in rewarding our successful business consultants with unlimited high commissions and the potential to progress quickly up the company ladder.

We are seeking sales people with huge ambitions and the belief in themselves, that given the right opportunity and hard work, could make really serious money.

We provide Internet and business solutions to companies who are ambitious to expand and improve their sales levels and profitability.

Our product range and services are complex and multi-faceted and designed to meet the needs of any company with Internet ambitions.

Every company has problems and or needs and we can provide the solutions to virtually all of them no matter what they are. So imagine being a sales executive who can provide the solution to virtually any problem the managing director of virtually any company may have.

This means that the sales careers we provide can only go to high calibre sales executives, capable of communicating and dealing at board level with the capacity to understand and retain a wide range of business solutions.

We are an Anglo-Franco-Dutch company, Europe's largest internetwork with business interests spanning a myriad of international markets. It is only by fully understanding the infrastructure and business philosophy behind the Where On Earth Group that you will fully comprehend the fantastic opportunities we provide for successful candidates.

Most companies face similar problems to varying degrees and we have the solutions to most of them:
  • Low or falling sales
  • Government bureaucracy and legislation
  • Client retention
  • Increasing overheads
  • Time management
  • Cash flow problems
  • Low profits
  • Employment issues
  • Rising overheads
  • Increasing competition
  • Product sourcing
To name just a few.

Now imagine facing a board of directors and asking them "If I could solve any problem you had to make your company more profitable what would be top of your wish list?"

Sometimes the solutions are simple, sometimes they are more complex, but one thing is certain and that is: - it requires someone with the tenacity and charisma required to make the business appointment in the first place.

Do you have what it takes?

With a worldwide market we are looking for high calibre, self-motivated individuals with a good business brain and a genuine desire to succeed at the highest level.

Our business consultants were not just people looking for sales careers, they were people looking for a special opportunity to really advance their lifestyles.

Succeed with us and the opportunities to earn a substantial income and progress through the company to higher management and director status are considerable.

If you feel you fit the bill, the best decision you could make right now is contact us.

You will not be selling one product or service; you will be providing a vast range of business solutions to a wide and varied market place. This makes these sales positions one of the most exciting, interesting and lucrative sales careers around.

If you believe you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you.

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