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We buy second hand websites that don't make money, optimise them for the search engines, redesign and build up the traffic levels and sell them when profitable businesses.

If you own a website and are thinking of selling, you have come to the right place. We buy failing and successful websites or can broker a deal between you and a waiting list of buyers who are keen to buy online businesses. We buy low traffic websites and redevelop them and sell them on when they have reached a sensible level of profitability and worth buying.

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If you have a website that is underperforming we may be interested in buying it from you. If you have a successful internet business we may have a buyer waiting and can act as intermediaries to broker a deal. Your failing website might not be worth anything to you but we may see a worth in its future potential and income possibilities.

If you have a successful internet site, you have the problem of finding potential buyers, knowing how to value the site and then negotiating the best deal. We can help you with this.

We will need to know full details about the site:
  • Traffic levels from natural listings or PPC advertising (this can be ascertained from your stats package)

  • Running costs (receipts)

  • Sales levels and annual growth

  • Annual profits (audited accounts)

  • Any future plans you have yet to implement
If you are selling your website because it has not been making much money, the value is in the content of the site and its possible future potential. You may however want to consider other options.
  • We have the skills and understanding of the search engines to make us confident enough to buy your website and turn it around. You might want to consider employing us to do this for your website and make it the success you initially dreamed of.

  • Alternatively, if you don't want to throw more money at it, you could consider an internet partnership, where we redevelop the site and share any income or profits from any future sale.
The best thing to do is to have a chat with us to determine your best option. You will find us easy to talk to and happy to advise you without obligation. The one thing that is important is that you do nothing and just let your website lapse, in which case, you will have nothing to sell.

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