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Ask any successful entrepreneur to tell you the real reason for their success and how to succeed in business and most, if they answer honestly will tell you they have business partners with business brains that handle the day to day running of the business. This does not detract from their own contribution to the success of the business, simply that they had the good sense to surround themselves with good business partners.

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We can involve ourselves in any business either as consultants, out sourced departments or partners with an equity stake, depending on your requirements. This may just entail handling the It and internet side of your business as an out sourced IT team, consultancy to determine which areas of your business require restructuring or investment, or acting as business angels and taking an equity stake in a new or struggling company.

Knowing how to succeed in business and turning that knowledge into hard cash are two totally different things. Having an idea and then delivering a successful new product launch takes planning, time and money; successfully launching a new website is a highly complex task and a black hole that many a venture capitalists has lost his shirt on. Backing a new invention takes know how and an understanding of the markets and many a business angel has got his fingers burned when starting a new company.

Business problems normally arise when a company does not have the resources or manpower to effectively operate or compete in a market sector. This is particularly true of one man bands and small businesses where the principal of the company has to wear a number of hats whilst understanding little about any of the roles.

This is where expensive mistakes that can cause the company to get into diffuclties often arise. Website design is one of those areas where fortunes are lost because the person responsible for choosing the website design company does not understand the difference between a bespoke website that will cost more but do the job and a cheap template website that is cobbled together using open source platforms. Thinking they have saved a few thousand pounds on the design, they have in fact lost their company a thousand fold in lost revenue. The same applies to search engine optimisation that should be the first thing implemented in the design and build of a website and not something added as an after thought.

Having the right business brains on board any company ensures expensive mistakes aren't made and can turn a struggling company into a major success. In order to achieve this, you have to work with the best business brains.

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