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We all get it don't we? Spam, junk mail, absolute rubbish that makes no sense, emails that are totally unrelated to anything of interest to us and just occasionally a little gem telling us about something we have needed for some time, saves us money, saves us time or informs us of something hugely important that may keep us out of jail.

Most of the junk emails we get we delete with gusto; sometimes we get emails that whilst they are of little use now are actually pertinent to us. We may see something in the subject line that causes us to click, open and read and occasionally we may log onto the senders website and have a quick look or real investigation. On occasions, we may even make a purchase and actually be pleased that we received the email. So the next time we get an email from the same source, we will click through again because we now relate to the company behind it and we may even make another purchase.

Professional business to business email marketing is about building up a picture and recognising who is likely to be your next client. E-Lastic marketing is able to track who read a clients email, when they read it and who clicked through to your website. Over a period of time, we can help you build a complete profile of your database so that you know who clicked through and why.

Knowing which products or services inspired a potential client to click through to a web page enables you to target that client with the very information, products or services he or she is truly interested in and it is at that point that your email marketing becomes highly profitable.

In the meantime, you need to be able to send information to them that is relevant to all businesses. This is where our business to business newsletters are so important. The E-lastic B2B Newsletter is relevant and essential to the success of any UK business in today's competitive business arena. If the most expensive thing any business person can own is a closed mind and information one of the most valuable assets on the planet, every business person needs to keep abreast of changes in legislation, new business ideas, products and services.

With contributions from Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Business Advisors, Internet Consultants, marketing specialists, sales ideas, new product launches, new start up companies offering new services, special offers, business opportunities, money making opportunities, business ideas, money saving deals, ideas on improving flagging sales, and much more. It is the ideal marketing medium to try email marketing for the first time.

Subscribing to the E-lastic B2B newsletter and exposes you to the danger of doing more business.

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