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Successful business to business email marketing can be highly profitable if handled correctly. Managed the wrong way, it can be considered nuisance spam that never gets read. Like all marketing, B2B emails need to send the right message to the right people at the right time to obtain realistic and relevant response rates. Business to Business email marketing is an extremely complex and relevant part of any company's business marketing strategy. Simply sending out emails to lists that you have purchased will generate little response except from disgruntled recipients that could lead to action for breaching international spam regulations. In order to prevent this, you need to employ the services of a professional business to business email marketing company.

Managed the right way, a business to business email marketing campaign should improve response rates and generate high levels of sales. Like all marketing, there are never any guarantees, so you should dip your toe in the water before taking a major plunge. Managed the wrong way, your email marketing campaign will simply end up in any potential clients' junk mail box or blocked by Spam filters.

We all receive junk mail, whether it is through the post or email but from time to time, we receive information that is both relevant, useful and timely, which is when we respond. Often, we receive emails that are relevant to our business and though not pertinent at the time, choose not to opt out simply because we know at some point, we will require that information. Successful B2B marketing is about knowing who will respond positively at some point and better still, knowing who will most likely respond next.

Our business to business email marketing service can improve the response rates on your marketing and improve your sales.

Managed correctly, business to business email marketing can generate quality, qualified sales leads, increase traffic to your website and increase business enquiry levels beyond your expectations. Our systems can send personalised emails and sales material to your existing customer database, we can send marketing emails on your behalf to up to 500,000 UK businesses, or we can include information about your company in our regular and eagerly awaited newsletters.

We can help and advise you on your email marketing campaign, design the email, manage the delivery and provide you with response and tracking reports so that you know who has read it and who clicked through.

With costs starting from as little as 400 + vat, to give you the opportunity to test the water, our business to business email marketing campaigns can be tailored to fit every businesses marketing budget.

We provide: Please note: Any email list and data supplied to us by you remains your property at all times. We do not sell lists.

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