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How many times in the course of a business year do you exclaim "Why the hell didn't anyone tell me that?" or "I wish I'd learned about that before I did this." Or "If I'd have known that, I wouldn't have wasted my money." Or just "B******* F****** S******* hell." Simply because we are unable to keep on top of things and read every piece of Government legislation change or are not informed of new services or products that could make your business more profitable.

The E-lastic business to business Newsletter is relevant and essential to the success of any UK business in today\'s competitive business arena. If the most expensive thing any business person can own is a closed mind and information one of the most valuable assets on the planet, every business person needs to keep abreast of changes in legislation, new business ideas, products and services.

Subscribing to the E-lastic business to business newsletter and exposes you to the danger of doing more business.

Not knowing and being ignorant of the facts leaves you exposed to lost business. Being informed opens up a world of opportunity. The best business decisions are only made when you are in possession of all the facts. Being uninformed leaves you exposed to making business errors.

With concise, important and pertinent contributions from Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Business Advisors, Internet Consultants, marketing specialists, sales ideas, new product launches, new start up companies offering new services, special offers, business opportunities, money making opportunities, business ideas, money saving deals, ideas on improving flagging sales, and much more; the E-lastic business to business newsletter makes essential reading and is a powerful tool to improve your own flagging sales.

Expose yourself to the danger of doing more business.

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