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You don't have to invest in books or pay to subscribe to newsletters to find genuine business success secrets. You most likely already know the answers but don't understand how to implement them. Hopefully, over the next few pages the penny will drop and you will realise that the secrets you were searching for were at your fingertips all the time. Growing a successful company and increasing profits is all about knowing where and how to source the best advice and help to put your plans into action.

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Success in business is all about putting the right systems in place and ensuring that everything works in conjunction with everything else. Over the next five pages, I will provide you with more than 50 pieces of advice, business ideas, opportunities or ways to improve sales. Much of it is simple commonsense and you will be amazed at how much you really know and how little you are actually doing. It is only when you take the advice or idea on board and implement it as part of your business strategy that it will help you.


Business is about profit and the first place to start at looking at ways to make more profits is by reducing your overheads. Everyone knows this but it is astonishing that so many companies are over paying for their utilities. This is a good starting point but the average business can save 10%-15% per annum off their overheads by shopping around for all their office and business supplies, confirming appointments to avoid wasted trips and petrol, letting unused office space, using Skype to make free telephone calls and generally looking at other ways to be more efficient. Read on.

The obvious way to increase profits is to reduce your overheads but having achieved that, you need to investigate ways of increasing turnover. This can often require increasing expenditure by way of employing more staff, more advertising, heavier marketing campaigns. You will find a score of ideas further on that provide economic and more profitable alternatives.

One of the biggest problems most businesses face is the fact that too few people are employed within the company and therefore have to wear a number of hats. Nobody is good at everything, meaning that your staff are doing jobs they are not trained to do and too busy trying to fight fires instead of concentrating on the important business issues. Small companies become successful companies by taking on business partners. This is one business secret that is obvious.

There are a myriad of ways that you can improve sales but it depends on where and how you want to generate the sales enquiries. However, it is no secret that your sales personnel have to be of an exceptionally high calibre to convert the enquiries into sales and well rewarded for hitting targets. The best sales executives are normally self-employed and working on a commission only basis. Providing the income potential is there, these types of sales people will deliver phenomenal sales results. The secret is to recruit the right sales people because one exceptional sales person occupying one desk will most likely produce more business than five low calibre poorly paid sales representatives.

There are a number of secrets to using the internet to generate business and it is one of those areas where you can fall into the wrong hands and waste a fortune by listening to or reading poor advice. It starts and finishes by using the best website design and search engine optimisation company handling all your internet strategies.

Small companies with limited budgets will find it very hard to establish themselves or compete on the internet. Utopele is a business search engine and web directory that enables anyone, even without any IT skills to build web pages that can be found at the top of most of the major search engines.

One of the secrets of business success is to surround yourself with business partners who understand the areas of business you don't or have the business skills you lack. Many people make the mistake of partnering friends or family because it is convenient or simply because they are fond of them. It normally means they end up working with people who are not qualified or not the best people for the job.

It doesn't matter how small your business is; even if you are just a one man band; you have to have a business plan. This is an important secret to any business success. What are your sales targets? How much are your overheads costing you? How are you going to achieve your sales targets? How much is your advertising and marketing budget? What are your alternative plans if things are going wrong? Have you budgeted for additional advertising and marketing? It is amazing how many businesses have no plan in place at all and simply trade on a hope and prayer basis.

Most websites fail because people employ a website designer who has no business acumen or understanding of how the internet or search engines work. People go off blindly and employ a website designer because they want a pretty website. Pretty does not equal performance and having discovered they have wasted their money, they then to turn a search engine optimisation company to sort the problems out.

The search engine optimiser is actually the architect that provides the blueprint for the website designers and programmers to build a website. Most people go off and employ a website designer and then go running to a search engine optimisation company because they are not getting any traffic. This is like having a house built and then going to an architect because the house has fallen down. You wouldn't employ a builder to build a house without having plans drawn up and having an architect to oversee the project, so why have a website built without proper planning.

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