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Most company directors that we meet are doing a good to excellent job but struggle to see the wider picture or fail to look further than the end of year profit results which are important business secrets. Failing to understand how world events are likely to cause poor trading conditions in the future, more concerned about beating their competition than investigating why their competition are beating them and not recognising that loss situations and market downturns are also profit making situations.

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A secret of business success is forward planning, forward thinking and preparation so that your business is in a position to act, change or adapt when opportunities arise or markets change for the better or worse.

What is your motivation for being in business? Have you achieved your aims or has real success continued to elude you? Quite often, the motivation that someone had when they first started out in business is replaced by the motivation to merely survive on a week to week basis. New business ideas are the secret to regaining that old motivation and waking up in the morning with a real sense of purpose.

The secret of real success in networking is to network with successful entrepreneurs. These are the people who can give you a real leg up as opposed to struggling businessmen who are too busy trying to help themselves. Networking is about pooling resources and when a group of failing or struggling business people get together, they discover they have no resources to pool. Success breeds success and when successful people network, they bring real value to the table.

You have a website and everything you have read and been told about getting more traffic to your site involves exchanging reciprocal links. This, like much of the information published on the internet about search engine optimisation is utter rubbish. Successful websites don't exchange links; try getting EBAY to swap links with you. The major search engines don't count reciprocal links; they know people are just trying to fool them into thinking their website is important.

The property market is one of those areas where easy money is to be made. The fact is, it can be easily lost to as many amateur investors have found to their detriment. There are a plethora of property investment clubs who claim to be able to help investors buy property at a discount. There is no such thing; developers don't sell property at a discount, they sell for the highest price they can get. The secret to successful property investment is using your commonsense, being in the right place at the right time, letting your eyes be your guide, your money the last thing you part with and taking sound advice.

The real secret to success in business is using the right people to handle the tasks you either cannot do or don't have the time to do. Too many business people either think they know it all or try to do everything. Concentrate on the things you do well and get partners involved who have the skills and experience you lack.

When you are short on prospects and have a limited budget, B2B email marketing is a low cost, effective way of generating targeted traffic to your website. Used correctly, it can be one of the most profitable forms of marketing available.

If you are considering advertising on television you need a production company who understand what works. Television advertising can either propel your business into the heady heights of success or plummet you down into a loss situation. This is one form of advertising where you have to take solid advice.

Knowing which newspapers and magazines are the best mediums to advertise your company is best left to a media buyer. They will know which newspapers and magazines are read by your target audience.

You may have a great idea for a new business, but having a good idea and turning it into a profitable business are miles apart. Success always comes at a price both financially and mentally and you need to have experienced backers who can turn your idea into a success.

You know your business, you understand your product and you know your market place but something is holding you back. Sometimes, an outsider with greater experience and knowledge will be able to pinpoint exactly what you need to do and show you how to achieve success.

Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet and the key to all successful businesses.

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