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Business partners on the Internet, specialists in setting up online companies. Success on the Internet is never guaranteed but with the right help, advice and skills, your business idea can become a reality.

You have a new Internet business idea, concept, product or service and recognise you need help in certain areas in order to launch your new idea. We have the resources, infrastructure, skill, knowledge and experience to help you turn your idea into an online reality.

The Where On Earth Group is made up of a growing number of companies, most of whom work together for the benefit of all. You are not entering a Dragons Den where you are likely to be consumed or derided.

Unless you have a completely new and unique idea, the chances are we will have seen something similar before and have someone with experience within that particular field. Providing your idea complements or doesn’t conflict with our current business interests and providing we see some mileage in the project, we will be interested.

No matter what the idea is, the thing we will be most interested in is you. Ultimately, you will be the deciding factor and the person who will be responsible for the success or failure of the business.

You are the most valuable commodity, the person who has the idea and the vision to see it through with our help.

We are a people business dealing in the most valuable commodity on the planet – information. If we have the answers to your business problems, we are the vehicle on which to succeed.

The senior members have a wealth of experience in a number of business areas.

James Wildish, despite his youth, is probably our most well known and high profile member of the Group. James joined in July 2008 at the tender age of just sixteen having built Boogami the pixel advertising search engine. James was looking for backing and support to get his search engine well known and was recommended to us by his parents' bank. We had no doubts about James or his search engine and immediately saw the huge potential in partnering him on his venture.

Our PR company went to work backed by a major marketing and advertising campaign and the television media and press coverage we obtained catapulted Boogami into the public spotlight, making it one of the top ten search engines on the internet. As a result, internet history was made and James became one of the internet's youngest ever millionaires and with our support he continues to head up the development of Boogami with its numerous innovative advertising and free public services.

Today, Boogami and James Wildish are both household names when it comes to the internet. The public love an underdog and the idea of a sixteen year old boy taking on the major search engines meant that hundreds of thousands of people adopted Boogami as their preferred search engine and made it their home page. It continues to grow in popularity as it develops under James's skilful management.

James continues to appear on television and radio; being held up as an example of what can be achieved if you have the will to succeed and the right management team behind you. Success has come early for James and we have no doubts that we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg.

A keen and talented 400 metre athlete, James continues to play an important role within the Group, bringing fresh ideas and youthful energy to any new project he gets involved in. Whizz kid and boy genius have frequently been used to describe James by the media and press but he keeps his feet firmly on the ground and remains focused on making Boogami the global success he deserves. He is the perfect example of what can be achieved with the right idea backing.

Julia Herbert is Managing Director of Where On Earth and Where On Earth Internet Marketing. Julia is married with three children and has held various managerial and company directorships throughout a varied career. These have included retail, trade fair and exhibition organisation, in store promotion, marketing, travel and a raft of Internet based businesses.

Julia was one of the brains behind the first Internet site specialising in advertising holiday homes in France on the web as well as being the first company to provide networked availability information systems.

Julia has a keen eye for detail, strong administrative skills, immense energy and an uncanny ability to spot problems before they arise. She will be the person that will instill the commonsense into any business situation and reign in anyone who is over enthusiastic about an idea she considers to be unworkable.

Although a tough taskmaster and businesswoman, Julia also has a kind and generous heart and is known as "mummy" to most members of the Group. She is also the person we all turn to for advice, help and the occasional desire for motivation.

Ian Cass has over twenty-five years experience in the financial services industry and is the managing director of a company which provides compliance consultancy and business mentoring services to authorised firms in the financial services sector.

Ian is involved in a range of industry trade bodies and working parties including: Society of Pensions Consultants, Compliance Institute, Association of Compliance Professionals, Business Link for Essex, and Braintree Business Council.

A keen eye for detail, highly experienced and unflappable...

Leo Osseweijer is head of IT and is married with two children. Leo held various managerial and directorships at ING, responsible for share trading, advising on business acquisitions, company flotations and ended up as head of computer systems.

Leo joined the Where On Earth Group in 2001 and has been responsible for developing most of the innovative and unique software systems that the Group uses today.

The people who work with him, describe him as bordering on genius as he is able to turn any idea or concept into a working IT module. If you use the Internet to book holidays, the chances are you have used systems created by Leo.

Despite being head of IT, Leo is a useful and knowledgeable member of the team and able to advise on most corporate and financial issues and is an invaluable asset on all business issues.

Leo is Dutch, speaks perfect English as well as number of other languages. This has proved invaluable when dealing with international clients.

David Miles has been working in the IT industry for over a decade and, at the age of twenty, in 1997, founded his own IT consultancy company specialised in helping companies make effective use of technology to improve their business efficiency.

Through this company, David provided corporate IT solutions to a variety of blue-chip clients (including BT, Shell, HP, HSBC, and Diageo), as well as website design and optimisation services to a number of small businesses.

David has also spent time as the IT & Finance Director of a firm of independent financial advisers, where he implemented a successful internet marketing strategy to generate mortgage and financial services leads. This allowed the company to make significant cost savings by moving away from traditional and expensive forms of print advertising.

Highly personable, David is one of the most visible decision-making front-men of the Group. David is extremely knowledgeable about internet marketing, business management, IT systems, employment issues, business law and taxation, and has a keen eye for detail.

David’s wealth of experience working with both small businesses and large corporations has given him an unparalleled ability when it comes to explaining complicated technical concepts in layman’s terms, understanding the needs of a business, and developing IT based solutions to solve business problems.

The youngest member of the Group, David is married with one daughter and one son. He has given a number of presentations on internet marketing and website design at business events, and has had numerous articles published on topics such as starting a business, personal finance, employment law, business finance, and the property market.

Kizzi Nkwocha was a national newspaper journalist in his previous life before joining the Where On Earth Group. Considered the UK’s Mr Publicity, Kizzi has fronted both TV and radio shows in the UK and abroad. He is one of the UK’s leading public relations and Media Consultants with a string of Who’s Who clients, including boxer Chris Eubanks, contestants from Big Brother (UK) and Castaway, the King of Uganda, mistresses of President Clinton politicians and soap and headline making stories. He now handles all the Media and Public Relations side of the business for our clients. Kizzi was voted as one of the most important black people in the UK by readers of The Voice newspaper.

When it comes to PR and getting yourself on television or mentioned in the newspapers, Kizzi is the best man to speak to. Good public relations can keep a company in the public spotlight far more economically than advertising or marketing but you have to have a good idea or story for him to sell. If you want your business to make the headlines and keep making news, Kizzi is the best man for the job.

Larger than life, Kizzi has the power and the contacts to open doors and make the introductions your business needs to succeed.

Bill Main-Ian served for 27 years in the Police Service. He finished his career ranked as a Sergeant. He had passed the Inspector's exam but a catastrophic accident ended his Police career before any further promotions. He had served in the CID, Royalty Protection and many Murder Squads among other interesting and varied postings. During his career he received many commendations for bravery and criminal investigations including facing a deranged man pointing a loaded handgun at him. His work in fraud and other complicated criminal enquiries stood him in good stead for the next phase of his life.

Having suffered a serious Road Traffic Accident in 2000 (welcome to the 3rd millennium!) Bill had to cope with the transition to a disabled lifestyle after having lost his right leg above the knee and countless other related health problems.

As the accident was not his fault, he and his wife, being a specialist staff nurse in the NHS, set about fighting for just compensation to enable them to adequately ensure that their previous life was protected as far as the law can ensure this. The combination of all their knowledge, skills and experience ensured that the solicitor, barrister, Queen's Counsel and experts working in their corner produced the best possible resultant compensation for them.

Bill's inclusion in the Where on Earth group of companies hastens a boost to a wider audience for this unique service. His unique insight into the lifestyle and benefits that disabled people and their non disabled families have at their disposal complements the wider group of companies that are offered by the Where on Earth group.

Bill offers a Transitional Lifestyle service to individuals catapulted into a disabled life style and shows one how to get the best out of what one has available after the catastrophic injury.

The Transitional Lifestyle service is also available to companies who are at a loss as to what they can do as an employer after such an injury has befallen their employee. Bill can liaise and advise both parties as to what is best for their individual circumstances. Each case is different.

Bill's website is a conduit for all injured people to find expert legal advice no matter the level of injury.

Bill offers information you can use, who else does that?

Simon Roberts is managing director of Utopele, the business search engine that changed the way small businesses are launched on the internet. He is a dynamic individual who enjoys a challenge. At present his main interest is overseeing activities within Utopele and ensuring a continued success for the already fast growing company.

Simon's experience mainly lies with sales and marketing, having held roles within a business to business sales environment and the insurance industry where his sole objectives were to increase revenue and client base.

Simon is also very ambitious and a determined character who welcomes the thought of any new business prospect. He is at the forefront of the group and is always available to advise on any new sales strategies or techniques. Where possible he will always look to refer new customers to the group - those who may require services that other companies within the group can offer. Highly self motivated and confident, Simon has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve on a personal level and for his business.

Anthony Bain (Lord Anthony Bain, although he rarely uses his title except when it is needed to open doors). Born number four of nine boys, Anthony's working life started at age twelve with as many paper-rounds as pre-school and after school hours would permit. Anthony is an example of how an entrepreneur can become an overnight success given twenty years of hard work and bouncing back when things go wrong. He left school at sixteen to embark on an apprenticeship as a butcher, completed it five years later and decided a new more profitable career was needed. He decided that to move on he needed sales skills, and worked for four years as a door-canvasser manager for companies such as Farouche, Kitchens Direct and Classic Kitchens. His main responsibilities were recruitment, training and motivation.

Following on from this excellent sales and marketing environment he moved into the more lucrative office equipment direct sales sector where he concentrated on PABX systems in direct competition with BT for the emerging least cost routing market. He worked for two years for Solutions - LOS office systems, where he was salesman of the year, two years running; leaving to accompany his girlfriend travelling the world after she had finished her degree in media-studies at university.

Starting in Ibiza and finishing in New York his global tour took 6 years and 3 months to complete. In that time he made, marketed and sold his own marmalade, created and distributed his own local tourist magazine; created, organized, promoted events and competitions for tourists, had numerous waiting and barman jobs; opened a new branch of an Australian Sports Car company expanding from Sydney in NSW to the Gold Coast in Brisbane and sold and rented apartments. In short, Anthony can turn his hand to just about everything.

On his return to the UK he approached a small local letting agent to employ him on a commission only basis and three years later had become their largest landlord and best paid employee. When he left he had a portfolio of 25 properties and a very healthy income from tenancies. He went to Thailand to live for two more years only to return when a block of flats he had purchased had been granted planning permission to demolish and develop 24, 2 x bed retirement flats. He sold the land and permission for an extremely healthy profit and purchased another block of half finished apartments. He then decided to put on hold any future development plans in the UK as he foresaw the coming of the credit crunch.

Anthony joined the Group in August 2008 having realised that achieving success on the internet was not the same as doing business in the real world. Anthony would be the first to admit that he has a lot to learn about the internet and so chose to surround himself with partners who have the skills and experience to compliment his own numerous business talents.

Anthony is based in Switzerland where he lives with his wife and three children. He is a ferocious go-getter and work horse; with the bit between his teeth and pointed in the right direction he is a formidable partner and an excellent team player. Like most of the group, he has no shortage of ideas and is always on the lookout for new business ventures.

His current interests include property development in France, a financial interest in Boogami Vision and Eway.tv and is CEO of Bain International Trading & Development S A Ltd.

David Wildish is a director of Allyouneedhere.com Ltd, the company behind Boogami. Married to Deborah, he lives in Kent with his two children. In his sixties, David is one of the more senior members of the team and one of the most affable and likeable chaps. He would be the first to admit that he has the ability to talk all four legs off a donkey and enjoys a good joke. In fact if you put David and Paul Herbert our CEO in the same room, between them they will cause so much laughter they often disrupt their own meetings. David's easy going manner often breaks the tension when business gets tough or hard going and this can be a godsend when tempers could get fraught.

David joined the Group in July 2008 at the same time as his son James and has played an important role behind the scenes in the success of Boogami. Having run a successful haulage and storage business; he sold up and entered the buy to let and property development business in the early nineties where he has been involved ever since.

David was involved in formula 3 racing as a sponsor during his haulage years; rubbing shoulders with likes of Sir Jack Brabham, Sir Jackie Stewart and King Hussein of Jordan and still retains a keen interest in Formula 1. His main interest however is accompanying James to all his athletic meetings.

Having been involved in transport and logistics, David has unequalled organisational abilities when it comes to managing the business.

Paul Herbert is CEO of the Group and is married with three children. Paul has a sales and marketing background having held senior managerial and directorships in Financial Services and Publishing both as editor and publisher of a number of publications, including holiday brochures with Eurotunnel, Buzz airlines, P&O Ferries and Condor Ferries. Current business interests include, estate agencies, travel and holiday Internet companies, property development, advertising across a number of mediums, insurance, finance and a number of other Internet businesses.

Paul has an uncanny ability to recognise business opportunities that other people miss, instantly see ways of improving on any business idea and a profound knowledge and understanding of Internet marketing and advertising.

His knowledge of the search engines is unsurpassed, resulting in the successful launch of hundreds of Internet sites and related businesses. His search engine optimisation skills are the key to the success of any web based business.

A team player, Paul likes to get involved in all projects from the beginning and is always at the end of the telephone to help and advise. He is, however, a private person who shuns the limelight and will only on rare occasions, when he feels it necessary, appear at meetings.

To describe Paul as being able to multitask would be an understatement. He has twice the energy of men half his age and seems to have a handle on everything that is happening within the company at any given time.

Keeping up with the new ideas and business launches keeps everyone on their toes but he is an essential element in every business we get involved in.


We know that choosing the right business partners is a critical business decision for all parties involved. Personalities aside, it is important that all parties feel that they are profiting from each others input.

We are in business for profit, we find business exciting and most importantly, we love what we do. When we look at a new potential business partner with a view to implementing and investing in IT systems and web based protocols, we are looking for someone who is not just going to build there business, but compliment our existing business interests.

You need to be a team player, be prepared to work hard, have the motivation and determination to succeed but also recognise your own limitations; (we all have them), and realise that we have the necessary skills, resources and infrastructure to fill those important gaps.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.

Providing a website capable of performing at the top of the search engines is just the start of what we can do for your company.

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