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Business opportunity for Internet entrepreneurs with ambitions to make money from the Internet. Serious business opportunities for ambitious individuals keen to exploit the Web.

Unlike most websites advertising business opportunities, we are not looking for thousands of people with a promise to make millions from the Internet. Instead, we are looking for a few business minded individuals who wish to be part of a fast growing, exciting and dynamic group of companies.

We are already Europe's largest internetwork, a partnership of websites that work together, driving business, traffic and developing other business opportunities that we can all profit from.

The success of one website within the group, usually culminates in extra revenue for other partners and by cooperating and working together, we have been able to expand and diversify our business interests, through association, acquisition and merger, resulting in a highly profitable network of websites.

We are now looking for ambitious, self-motivated individuals, capable of working off their own initiative and working within a team, to develop a number of Internet projects we currently have on the drawing board.

Applicants should understand that these are not get rich schemes but solid business initiatives that require hard work and dedication to succeed.

Alternatively, they can be an Internet business idea that you have, but require the assistance of an Internet company that understands the search engines and how to exploit the Internet to its full potential.

We are not looking for dreamers, schemers or anyone who is foolish enough to believe that fortunes can be made by simply owning a website and thinking the money is going to roll in without having to work damned hard.

Read on, if you think you have the qualities we are looking for to take advantage of one of our many business opportunities.

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