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Business marketing and public relations go hand in hand in order to give any new product launch the best opportunity for success as failure of one of these mediums will determine the success of the other

UK tap water, like most of the rest of the western world's is perfectly drinkable, comes from the same source as bottled water, tastes the same, is invariably of better quality and is far more accessible. However, marketing and advertising agencies have been able to convince the gullible general public that water from a bottle is better for you, tastes better and is different from tap water.


The Coca Cola Company recognised this and some years back brought out their own branded tap water called Dasani which they were bottling, having filtered it, straight from the mains. This was opposed to most bottled water companies who were boring into the ground or siphoning water off from a source or stream, filtering it and then bottling it from a tap.


Of course the press got hold of it, made a huge story about it, sales plummeted and Coca Cola were forced to pull the product. I actually fail to see that there was much difference between taking water from a stream that is fed by rainwater and running it through a tap or taking it from a reservoir that is fed by a stream which is fed by rainwater.

Tap water is relatively fresh whilst bottled water can sit in a warehouse for weeks before it makes it to the supermarket shelf. Tap water is good for the environment, bottled water leaves a residue of plastic bottles and a carbon footprint because of the lorries needed to deliver a product that nobody actually needs nowadays.


Of course, back when bottled water first hit the shelves, drinking water straight from a tap exposed you to minor ailments like Cholera and Typhoid - I don't know what the fuss was all about. And before bottled water became available, we all, including our children had to drink a weak beer. And they call this progress?

Neat idea though. I wonder who the first person who thought of taking a product that they could obtain for free, that nobody needed and selling it at a premium actually was and I wonder if they imagined that 20,000 companies would spring up in competition with them. Can you imagine going to your bank and asking for a loan to set up a business selling bottled fresh air, which is the next nearest thing?


You don't need to come up with a unique idea, it doesn't have to be clever, it doesn't have to be original but it does need to have a market place and a strong enough demand to warrant investment.

Finding a unique product or service that people need and have to purchase on a regular basis would be an excellent business scenario. Coming up with a unique and needed service that has low overheads and little time commitment is the near perfect scenario. The perfect scenario being a service or product based business that no one could copy. The last time this happened was when electricity was invented, so don't hold your breath.


It is more than likely that most readers who have bought The Golden Web, judging by the search terms from our web stats, do not have a business idea of their own but are looking for ways to make money online. Many of these people have typed "How to make money fast or quick" or "How to get rich fast or quick" into Google. These people are mostly either the totally na´ve or stupid that tend to fall foul of internet predators but hopefully some may have just used these search terms as a starting point.

If you don't have an idea of your own but are keen to make money online you are going to need to tap into an exiting business and this means you will be selling a product or service on a commission basis. It also means you will be making money for other people as well as yourself. It also means that you will need a website and you will need to find ways to drive traffic to that website using pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation, linking strategies and other internet marketing and online advertising techniques. We cover all these subjects in the book.

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Business marketing and public relations go hand in hand in order to give any new product launch the best opportunity for success as failure of one of these mediums will determine the success of the other

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