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Business ideas with business plans are essential to the success of any internet company hoping to launch online or gain backing from venture capitalists seeking new business start ups

Invariably, there is no business plan in place; no research on who and what their competitors are doing has been done; no real thought as to how to attract the right type of visitors to the site and no money put aside to spend on advertising and marketing. Furthermore, in virtually every case, the website has not been built for the search engines and stands little chance of ever been seen by anyone.


Success on the internet requires an enormous amount of money. You simply cannot expect to succeed with a website and marketing budget of a few thousand pounds. There are a number of options open to you but your first step should be to test the water and do a little research as to whether there is a market for your product or service. The likelihood is that you are blinded by the brilliance of your idea and cannot see the pitfalls.


We often back new internet businesses but it is usually the person and not the business idea that convinces us that we should get involved. A new internet entrepreneur who comes to us having done their research and having put a business plan together is more likely to gain our attention than someone who has come up with an idea and not thought it through with any professional preparation. Simply because you have a good business idea does not mean it will be a good business as there are many elements that determine the success and profitability of a business.


If you have an idea for an internet business, one thing you can do to determine if there is a market need and do your research at the same time is build some web pages on Utopele. You will soon see if you have the basis of a business and for a small investment, it will also possibly prevent you losing thousands by just diving in and having a website built. Furthermore, armed with the information and research results gathered over a few months, you will be far better prepared and armed to negotiate with us or any other backers you will need for a major internet project.

Business ideas can be categorised into just a few main areas and in order to do this you have to look at their individual market places. Companies providing essential products or services that people need and must buy, like food, housing, utilities and insurance. These types of businesses are either manufacture and supply or middleman and supply. Companies selling products and services that people feel they must have or need like furniture, clothes and cars, and businesses selling products that people want as opposed to need, like alcohol, confectionary, jewellery and holidays. All are more or less affected by global markets and economic downturns.


There is always a cross over between the first and second and between the second and third with the buying public unable to differentiate between need and want. This is where you need a marketing company or department to determine where your product or services is likely to sit most comfortably and determine your marketing strategy. An example of this is bottled water. There are a reputed 20,000 different brands of bottled water all fighting for a share of the market and the general public happily visit their local supermarket and lug home huge quantities of a product that they have on tap at home and can buy at less than .01% of the cost. The question is - why?

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Business ideas with business plans are essential to the success of any internet company hoping to launch online or gain backing from venture capitalists seeking new business start ups

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