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Business consulting to new and existing Internet businesses. Business consultants and venture capitalists providing web based solutions to Internet entrepreneurs.

If you found this page by typing – business consultancy – or - business consulting – or - business consultants – into a search engine, then you should have already grasped that we understand the Internet and how to profit from the search engines. This is where a lot of our business comes from.

If you are an existing Internet company, a new Internet business or just have a good idea for the Internet, we may be interested in your project. With our help and support you Internet site or business idea could become one of the rare success stories on the Internet.

If it involves the Internet, and even if you have minimum financial resources, we will have the infrastructure, the experience, the knowledge, the resources and the people to help you succeed.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.


Every company that owns a website has problems and or needs and we can provide the solutions to all of them, no matter what they are.

Most problems arise around a company investing in a website that fails to deliver the levels of traffic required, resulting in poor online sales, leading to cash flow problems and ending in failure of the company.

Even if you do not have the money to invest in the solutions required to sort these problems out, we may be able to help. Furthermore, when you become a partner in the Where On Earth Group, you also benefit from the business experience and knowledge of everyone within the Group.

Virtually overnight, your small company can become a business with the resources, infrastructure and personnel of a large corporate enterprise, capable of competing at any level.


Most new Internet companies are doomed to failure from the outset. The main reason is their choice of website design company.

Limited financial resources normally affect the decision about which design company gets the development contract. This is a disastrous business decision because, whilst there are millions of website designers capable of building an attractive website, there are only a handful with the knowledge and understanding of the search engines with the skills to design a site that works.

Website designers work in a competitive market place, they need your business and this culminates in hundreds of thousands of cheap websites being churned out each year that are doomed to failure.

The large successful Internet companies are investing hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds in their Internet strategies every year. Expecting a cheap website to compete against the large corporate websites in the search engines is like expecting a Lada to compete against a Formula 1 racing car.

We have the resources and infrastructure to solve this problem, even if you don’t have the financial resources yourself.


We are always on the lookout for people with good Internet business ideas who realise they do not have the financial resources or maybe the business acumen to seriously succeed on the Internet.

So many good ideas just stay on the drawing board or fail because the Principal was unable to obtain the support and help required to ensure success. Just having a good idea is not enough to ensure success and often, as is the case, these ideas fail because of a lack of human and financial resources.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.

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