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Advice on launch on new Internet businesses. Help with achieving and sustaining corporate objectives, business needs and results over the Internet.

The Where On Earth Group are an Anglo-Franco-Dutch group of companies, Europeís largest internetwork with business interests covering numerous, diverse and related internet based markets. We are a unique mix of business consultants and venture capitalists specialising in the launch of new Internet based businesses.

Unlike any other business consultancy, where financial resources restrict small or new businesses, we do not charge a fee for our services. Instead, we take a financial stake in the company and any new business we help launch over the Internet.

The benefits to the new Internet company are numerous and far reaching.

Senior directors within the Group include, Economists, Bankers, Financiers, property developers, IT specialists and successful business men and women, with backgrounds in Financial services, IT research and development, advertising and marketing, retail and product development.

New Internet businesses therefore benefit from our wide business consultancy experience.

If we believe a new Internet business or idea has merits, we are prepared to invest our money in the development, design, maintenance, Internet marketing and advertising of any new project.

We donít build cheap low performance websites. We design the type of websites costing tens and if necessary hundreds of thousands of pounds required to deliver the millions in online sales needed to perform at the very top of the search engines.

This releases the capital set aside for web development to invest in other profitable business areas like print or television advertising. Or provides the online medium that a small business would otherwise not have the financial resources to acquire.

We are in business for profit and any new Internet company that we support can depend on the full support of everyone within the Group to ensure the successful launch and continued success of the company.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.

We can also help your Internet business in a number of other ways.

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