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To succeed in business you don't have to have a business brain but you do need to surround yourself with people with business brains in order to ensure success. Some of the richest entrepreneurs are not necessarily the best businessmen; they tend to be the ideas people who drive businesses forward. The day to day running of their businesses is left to accountants, lawyers and managers with the business minds.

The Where On Earth Group is a partnership of companies that include entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, accountants, lawyers, business consultants, business angels and bankers who combine to make one of the best pools of business brains on the internet.

If you have a company that needs turning around or just an idea for a new business, feel free to explore our website. However, at some point the best business decision you will ever make will be to talk to us. We will most likely have the people with the expertise and experience to help carry your company forward.

None of us are jacks of all trades and no successful businessman tries to do it all. This is the mistake that so many entrepreneurs make when starting out. An accountant may be good at figures and watching the bottom line but this doesn't make him a good businessman. A lawyer may be able to put together a solid contract to protect your interests, but that doesn't mean they will make an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs tend to take risks and set up the deals, businessmen tend to make calculated decisions and turn them into profit, nobody is good at everything, and none of us enjoy every role within a company; that is why we are all different and why we are better at some tasks than others. Our job is to bring everyone together, all the skills, all the experience and know how to ensure that any company we get involved with has the best chance of success.

The fact is that the best business brains are really at their best when be used for the right reasons with other intelligent business brains. If you want to succeed in business you need to surround yourself with a number of people who have the skills and experience you lack. These can be business entrepreneurs who know how to drive a business forward or business consultants who understand how to turn a company around or increase business. Some of the richest entrepreneurs started out small but they all delegated the tasks they couldn't handle to other partners or business associates like website designers who understood the importance of being found through the search engines and so employed the best search engine optimisers rather than attempt to do it themselves. Telemarketing is another area that can generate high levels of enquiries if you know what you are doing. You see, everybody has a role that they understand and excel at and no one should try and master everything.

Success in business is rarely as a result of the efforts of one person, usually there are several people all using their business brains.

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