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When you are looking for funding for a new venture, sometimes the best source of investment is a Business Angel. These are often wealthy, successful entrepreneurs willing to invest in high risk, fast growth, seed or start up companies and businesses at a very early stage, and add value by supplying mentoring and business advice.

The problem with most Business Angels who supply financing for a new business idea is that they don't normally supply the skills, support and resources necessary to alleviate the time constraints and pressures experienced in the early years of the business. They will advise you and provide the funding but you will have to do everything yourself. This means that you will have no one to delegate responsibilities or tasks where you have little or no experience.

If you don't deliver the profit results the Business Angel expected, he or she will pull the plug on the funding and look for a way to reclaim their losses. Having worked your socks off and put your heart and soul into the business, suddenly finding yourself in this predicament will be devastating. This is hwy the best business decision you could make right now is talk to us.

Most people who start new companies have rarely got a lot of business experience, nor enjoyed the sweet smell of success. Many make the transition from relatively mundane jobs, where everyone talks about pressure and takes time off for stress related illnesses into a world where they suddenly discover what real pressure and stress is.

Setting up a new company on your own means you will most likely have to do the work of the Managing Director, Financial Director, Company Secretary, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Advertising Manager, IT Operations Manager and a further 15 to 20 other roles. Small businesses have the same structures and tasks to perform as large companies, they just don't have the manpower.

Obtaining finance from a Business Angel provides the money to pay for outside resources and maybe a member or two of staff but you will still be expected to wear a lot of hats; many of which you will have had absolutely no experience on before. Does this make good business sense? No of course it doesn't, it is tantamount to lunacy and a recipe for disaster.

If you have a good business idea, a new product or invention, the solution is to find business partners with all the skills and experience and successful track record to whom you can delegate the tasks you cannot do to. Better still is to find companies to partner you who have all the resources and infrastructure that can be bolted on seamlessly. This is exactly we do.

The Where On Earth Group is a partnership of companies who work together by taking a fair equity stake in a new business project. We then provide all the IT systems, IT personnel, online marketing and website development, advertising and marketing mediums, business support and acumen needed to launch the new product, service or invention.

Instead of launching a small business with financial and manpower constraints, together we start a much larger company with everything already in place and the manpower necessary to give the business the best chance to succeed. You have partners you can turn to for advice, support and help, people you can delegate tasks to, confident they know what they are doing and will get the task done.

The whole thing can be put together quickly because the departments already exist. Anytime you need anything you just have to pick up the phone and not worry about the cost because we will be looking at the long term financial gain and not a short term profit. We will have the same financial interests as you; to make the company a success and be rewarded for our efforts in the future not seeking payment in 30 days had you employed a company to do the same.

The alternative is to seek financial backing, do all the jobs yourself and spend your investment funding on employing outside companies to provide these services. The drawbacks are obvious, you get the money but none of the support, resources or infrastructure needed to make the business a resounding success. This is why we are so different to other venture capitalists.

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