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To keep ahead of your competition and out of trouble with the Vat man, Taxman and other Government authorities, you need to keep abreast of business tax and legal changes and be fully informed about business opportunities, new products and services that could help you win new business.

The E-lastic Newsletter is relevant and essential to your business success in today's competitive business arena. If the most expensive thing any business person can own is a closed mind and information one of the most valuable assets on the planet, if you have not subscribed to E-lastic, subscribe for free now and expose yourself to the danger of doing more business.

This business news letter contains:

Every business needs a continual flow of sales enquiries to maintain sales and cash flow. This is how you can generate more sales leads.

Obesity does not just affect the health of the nation it affects the health of your business. More working days are lost due to obesity related illnesses including back problems, depression, liver disease and heart disease than any other cause. Get your staff on a healthy diet to improve efficiency and find out how to put an end to bullying in your workplace.

What should you do if you are injured or have an accident at work? Find out about claim procedures.

The US sub prime lending market is in meltdown and this is likely to have a serious knock on effect with UK banks and how they view commercial lending. How is this going to alter the way your bank treats your business and is asset finance a possible better alternative?

Promote your business through the E-lastic newsletter like these businesses and turn your website

These websites are real current or upcoming internet success stories:

UTOPELE is a search engine allowing companies to build there own website within a directory that will be found at the top of all the major search engines. This enables small businesses that do not have the finances to invest in a corporate website to create an internet site for a fraction of the cost. Small business that would otherwise have no chance of owning a website capable of being found in the top ten of Google without massive investment in design and search engine optimisation will benefit enormously from traffic through all the major search engines.

LOWER BUSINESS COSTS This website shows you how you can obtain lower electricity, gas and telephone and mobile telephone bills at work and help you cut your business overheads.

WebWindows are a media advertising company dealing with all the major Sunday Supplements. They purchase full and double page spreads in the Sunday magazines and then sell the space off at a discounted rate to advertisers who want to purchase display advertising. Businesses can buy the advertising space cheaper through WebWindows than by going direct to the newspapers or magazines. The company is able to advise businesses which Sunday supplements would be best suited to their market place and provide a full free graphic design service for their clients.

France One Call is a website advertising holiday homes in France. Established for over a decade, it was the first site to specialise in self-catering holiday homes, the first to provide availability information and the first to enable advertisers to build a sub site within a directory.

Kiss N Sell is a unique website that provides the facility for people to auction stories for newspapers, magazines and the media to buy. If someone were to directly approach a newspaper with a "Kiss and Tell" story, there is always the danger that they will impart too much information allowing the newspaper to investigate the story without the need to pay for it.

SubDirect This website was the idea of Neil Singleton a floor layer who saw a gap in the market for tradesmen to advertise their services and availability to property developers and homeowners. Rather like a dating site, it enables property developers to find subcontractors living and or working in areas where they need skilled tradesmen.

MenorcaLastMinute Selling off un-let weeks at a reduced rate rather than letting the holiday villas stand empty, the site enables holidaymakers to book their holidays on Menorca at prices far cheaper than they could buy them elsewhere.

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