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La Feytaud can help you burn fat fast and reduce cellulite but contrary to popular belief cellulite is not caused by being overweight. The natural ingredients found in La Feytaud diet, when combined together, can help burn fat when exercising. It is a healthy diet that can be used safely during pregnancy and when breast feeding after child birth.

Cellulite is damaged skin and tissue that have become separated due to dehydration. In fact thin women and indeed men can get cellulite and all the dieting to lose weight and exercise in the world will not shift it. What does help is a healthy diet that includes vitamins, acids and nutrients, digested correctly, that can help repair the damage. This has to be combined with exercise to help circulation. You will find a lot of advice on the forum.

As cellulite often first appears during pregnancy, due to an imbalance or excess of the female hormone estrogen a healthy diet during pregnancy is essential for both the well being of your child and your figure.

Therefore, like in most things, prevention is better than cure and La Feytaud is a diet and lifestyle that includes the natural ingredients needed to help reduce cellulite levels whilst maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet during pregnancy.

As cellulite is caused by damage skin mostly die to a bad diet it makes sense that the solution to repairing the diet will come from within your body rather than rubbing creams or massage techniques from out side.

What causes cellulite is really the key to preventing it and la Feytaud can help prevent or reduce the damage caused by poor diet.

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