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You may well have read on other websites that building links will help generate more traffic to your website, help improve higher page ranking and that link popularity will improve your Google page rank. There also website designers who double up providing search engine optimisation services who charge clients for managing reciprocal linking strategies.

Claims of this nature are like claiming that taking aspirin will cure the common cold. Whilst they may relieve the symptoms of poor search engine traffic, on their own they will have little or zero effect, as explained on the previous page about building links.

If you are to believe what other website designers say about search engine optimisation and reciprocal linking, you would be led to understand that there is a magic cure all pill that can gain you top ten page ranking on Google and that building links to your website is the solution. Many of the website designers to expound these theories actually believe that link popularity actually works. However, when questioned, they have no research, other that what they have read on other websites to back these search engine optimisation theories up.

Talking to other website designers and search engine optimisation companies about building links is sometimes like talking to religious zealots. They believe absolutely in these ridiculous theories and when asked for even the slightest piece of evidence let alone proof, they can provide nothing but links to pages where these ludicrous claims are made. When presented with the true facts, evidence and proof based on unquestionable research most are so entrenched in their fervent beliefs that they refuse to face the facts.

It is this type of blind faith; "It must be true because I read it in a book or on the internet" that leads to so many website owners wasting millions in paying for these quack services in an attempt to drive more traffic to their websites.


The truth is that building links can drive more traffic to your site but simply exchanging links with other websites will do sweet Fanny Adams. Handled correctly, link popularity can help your page ranking and drive additional traffic to your website but reciprocal linking will no more cure your traffic problems than Paracetamol will cure cancer. Building links should be just one part of a search engine optimisation project and to do this correctly you need to talk to us.

There may be a hundred different reasons why your website is not performing in the search engines and these can fall under numerous categories:

If your website ticks all the boxes, then working out a proper linking strategy to build link popularity is an additional function that can have positive results on the amount of traffic your website gets. If you can't tick all the boxes, any linking project will be like painting your boast whilst it's sinking - a total waste of time.

Building inbound links should not involve sending nuisance emails to busy webmasters who have nothing better to do. The only websites who will be willing to exchange links with you will be websites that aren't getting any traffic either, and swapping links with them will be totally pointless.

So how do you go about building link popularity?