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Building a successful internet business, setting up an internet company, building a website, internet advertising and online marketing to create product awareness

If you are selling another companies products or services, in order to make money you need to understand affiliate marketing which is covered a little later and you need a business plan to help you calculate your income, overheads and potential profit. Despite what you will have read elsewhere, it is neither easy nor simple to set up a profitable internet business and you should take the whole process slowly and without throwing a lot of money at it. Once you have a profitable working model, then you can expand and develop your business as the money comes in.


Your starting point should be to set up a website on Utopele. A full explanation about how Utopele works and why it is so important to your internet success is covered later. However, it is a cheap way of setting up a website that will get far higher levels of traffic through all the major search engines than building a stand alone website.

From your web pages on Utopele, you can place banner adverts and links to as many affiliate marketing schemes as you can muster and, apart from the investment of your time, this will cost you no more than approximately a couple of hundred pounds. Someone with no experience of building a website and just a couple of ounces of common sense should be able to set their business up in less than a day and be trading within twenty four hours.


You should also look at Boogami as your starting point for any internet advertising you plan on doing. This can be an extremely cheap and efficient way of driving traffic to your website.

You may want to start with one website that focuses on something you know and understand. You may enjoy playing golf and therefore can write volumes of information on the subject. Utopele explains how to optimise the web pages, so you should start to get a steady flow of traffic and through the banner adverts and links on your web pages, people clicking through to affiliate schemes where they can buy golf products, book golfing holidays, coaching lessons and other golf related products and services will earn you commission on every sale.


When you start to make money and you have more experience and confidence, you may even want to then set up a BANS site which is an online shop set up through eBay and link it into your Utopele site. (Again this is covered in far greater depth later).

A BANS site is of little use on its own because it is unlikely to get a lot of traffic. This is why the Utopele site is so essential to the success of your internet business. If you have a little internet savvy, you should be able to set both sites up the same day and you can continue to develop them as time goes on if they are proving profitable.


Let's not talk about these internet businesses making you rich. Your idea and the quality of the content and therefore the traffic levels will determine how much money you earn in a year. Let's be cautious and say that your internet business only earns you 50 per month, say 600 in the first year. You would be right in thinking that this is chicken feed but the whole thing only cost you about 300 to set up and the annual overheads will be the same so you can expect to make a 100% profit in your first year. Let's assume that you spend a day a month in total; couple of hours here and there improving and adding to the content so that over the next year or two the business grows to say 1000 per annum turnover, providing you with a profit of 700 per annum. Still not impressed?

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Building a successful internet business, setting up an internet company, building a website, internet advertising and online marketing to create product awareness

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