Building reciprocal links to gain link popularity. Reciprocal linking with websites worth linking to will increase traffic if done properly.

If you are still not convinced that building links is a waste of time if your website has not been designed properly, not been correctly optimised for the search engines and is getting very little traffic, then consider this.

Building a successful Internet business capable of competing at the highest level of the Internet takes time and money. If your website is a low performer, why would a large successful website consider exchanging links with you?

This website is found at the top of Google and other major search engines for thousands of search terms. As a result, we get scores of emails everyday from companies asking us to exchange links with their clients.

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This how a links page should be built and why the hundreds of directories that your website could be listed on for FREE deliver so much traffic.

It's a start that will get you going but it will make little difference if your website has not been built and optimised for the search engines. You have to think seriously about what you want your website to do and how committed you are to the success of your website.

We can help in more ways than you could imagine, but we would put your website in order before we advised you to start a campaign for exchanging links.