Building link popularity to improve search engine ranking. Advice and information on linking strategies and how to increase search engine traffic.

Building links to your website is a pointless exercise if your website has not been designed correctly and hasn't been optimised for the search engines.

All the links in the world will not make a lot of difference to how your website performs in the search engines if everything else about your website is wrong. This is like filling your car with petrol when it doesn't have an engine.

Building link popularity is just one small step towards increasing traffic to your website. So let's dispel the myths, misconceptions and unadulterated rubbish that you will read on other websites about link building.

  • Getting lots of websites to link to a website will increase traffic.

  • This is only true if the web pages linking to you get lots of traffic and your link is delivered to the top of the web page in relation to the search made through the search engines.

  • The fact is, most links pages are not built properly and are just lists of link after link after link. So no body bothers to scroll down trying to find anything of interest. The search engines don't like them, so they get little traffic. And how often do you bother to click on a websites links page?

  • Getting lots of websites to link to my website will help my page rank.

  • No it won't. Your page rank is based on a number of factors and links only count if they are generating traffic to your site and most link pages are just a waste of space.
  • Exchanging links will improve my websites link popularity.

  • Sorry, but this is total rubbish. Maybe it was true five years ago but the major search engines now discount any reciprocal links, treating them as an attempt to fool them into thinking your website is important.

  • Employing a company to approach busy websites and ask them to link to or exchange links with my website will help my page rank.

  • These companies are a pain in the arse. We get scores of nuisance emails every day from these types of companies. They send the same patronising email to hundreds of sites under our management, with the same ludicrous claims about helping us and asking us to exchange links.

  • Don't waste your money. You can get hundreds of links to your website for free and the web directories these links are stored on are built correctly.

  • Three way or triangular linking will fool the search engines into thinking my website is important.

  • There is absolutely no proof that this is true. Every web directory that we have looked at that makes these claims get little or no traffic and none appear to have been set up for the search engines. Don't waste your money.

  • Linking to busy hub sites from my website will help my search engine ranking.

  • Don't be silly. Why would it? You need these types of sites linking to you. If your website is not a busy hub site capable of generating reciprocal traffic, why would they?
  • Other websites are keen to exchange links.

  • Other websites that get little or zero traffic are keen to exchange links. This is the same as hundreds of people who haven't got any money all pooling their funds together and discovering they still don't have any money.

  • Exchanging links is an important part of search engine optimisation.

  • Absolute crap! You can have a high performing website without any links running to it. This is just another misconception that has spread like a disease across the Internet.

If you have a website that is under performing and you don't have the financial resources to market it, have it correctly optimised and/or redesigned by a professional website designer, you need an Internet partner with the know how and resources to turn your website into an Internet business success.

When you have a busy website that is making money, attracting lots of traffic and carrying significant content, you will start to receive requests from other websites to exchange links. You are then in a position to choose who you exchange links with and where your link is to be placed on their website.

When your website is a success, that is the time to start building reciprocal links.