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Building an internet company the secret to success online and how to build a successful internet business by understanding how the search engines and internet really work

Paul Herbert is CEO of the Where On Earth Group, Europe's largest internetwork with hundreds of websites under their management. The Group's business interests are wide and varied; including property investment and development, retail outlets, publishing and a huge array of internet based companies covering a myriad of markets.

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Paul has an uncanny ability to recognise business opportunities that other people miss, instantly see ways of improving on any business idea and a profound knowledge and understanding of Internet marketing and advertising.

The name may not be familiar to you as he likes to keep his private life out of the public eye; but if you use the internet on a regular basis, the chances are you will have used websites, search engines or applications developed by the Where On Earth Group.

Paul is married with three children, lives most of the year in France and spends his time traveling between the UK, France, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and other European countries where he has business interests. Very much a team player, Paul likes to get involved in all business projects from beginning to end with a gentle hands-on management style and is always at the end of the telephone to help and advise on internet strategies. He is, however, a private person who shuns the limelight and will only on rare occasions, when he feels it necessary, appear at business meetings, preferring to delegate the decision making and negotiations to his experienced partners and co-directors.

Paul left school at the age of fifteen; or if truth be told, was expelled from technical school, having been expelled from his previous grammar school for being disruptive and a bad influence on the other pupils. This set a pattern during his early years of employment where he was sacked from every job he had.

He says "I can look back and think of very few teachers who were supposed to be teaching me that taught me anything of value. I couldn't sit still and listen to some old fart droning on in Latin or Greek and saw no reason to waste my life stuck in a classroom when there was a world to explore. Nowadays they call it attention deficit syndrome and dyslexia; back then they called you a stupid bastard."

Having left school he took a few mindless jobs that came his way where he found the managers he worked for unimaginative and lacking in commonsense. No job lasted longer than a few weeks and at the age of eighteen he somehow wandered into the antiques business and opened a shop in Brighton. Having no superior to report to and not having to follow orders from anyone suited him down to the ground and his life as an entrepreneur was born.

He found the life of being his own boss a rollercoaster ride and learned many hard and expensive lessons along the way before taking the job of a self employed life assurance salesman on returning from a year spent wandering around France. This is where he says he honed the sales and management skills that he says have kept him in good stead over the years.

Being self-employed but working under the umbrella of a large national company proved to be the perfect playground for Paul, and he spent nearly fifteen years working his way through to the top of the company. However, as he says, "Shit has the habit of floating to the top and I encountered a couple of Directors who had been brought in from outside who had no understanding of the life insurance business and few morals. I wasn't prepared to work alongside people who thought that ethics was a county north of the Thames and left them and everyone else in no doubt of my opinion."

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Building an internet company the secret to success online and how to build a successful internet business by understanding how the search engines and internet really work

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