Bridging mortgages, fast bridging loans and business bridging finance for most purposes. Our brokers know the importance of a fast response when it comes to arranging commercial bridging mortgages.

A bridging mortgage is a mortgage or secured loan which is taken out for a short term.

Bridging mortgages are much quicker to arrange than conventional mortgages or other forms of longer term funding. Bridging mortgages can therefore be used to save the day if a property purchase is in danger of falling apart due to lack of funds in the short-term.

One of the most common uses of a bridging mortgage is when you need to buy a new house or commercial building, but have not yet been able to sell your existing property.

Bridging mortgages can be used to, literally, bridge the gap by providing short-term funding to allow you to buy the second property whilst waiting to sell the first one.

In this way, bridging mortgages can be help stop an entire chain collapsing if one buyer or seller pulls out.

Bridging mortgages usually run for a maximum of six months and are typically available for up to 75% of the value of the property being used as security. Therefore, apart from credit checks, there is very little to be done before the bridging mortgage is approved - no surveys, no conveyancing, etc.

Bridging mortgages tend to provide plenty of flexibility and can be arranged fast, because the lending criteria are not based on the idea of the borrower repaying the loan over 25 years like with a typical mortgage. Lenders who offer bridging mortgages usually look more at the type and quality of the property being used as security, rather than at the borrower's income and ability to afford repayments.

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