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Trying to get a book published, breaking into the film industry or getting a play produced is extremely difficult. It is one of those areas where aspiring authors and playwrights fail in ever increasing numbers.

There must be millions of scripts and books that never got accepted tucked away in drawers and cupboards that the authors gave up trying to get published. These are books, plays and film scripts that many people would have enjoyed reading but never got the opportunity.

If you have a book, play or film script or even an article that never got published, now is your opportunity to turn it into an income earner. No guarantees that it will make you a fortune or bring you fame but millions of people could have the opportunity to read it online and there is a small chance that a publisher or producer might read it and want to either publish or buy the film rights. Leaving your book or script tucked away gathering desk will not earn you a penny, so what have you got to lose?


We can publish your book or script online in whole or in part; the decision is yours. We don't charge a fee for this so it costs you absolutely nothing. We optimise the pages for the search engines to ensure that people find the web pages that hold your book or script. We then place advertisements on these pages and every time someone clicks on one of the adverts, you earn money.

How much you earn depends entirely on the number of clicks the adverts get and how much companies are paying for a click through. This could be anything between a few cents to several dollars. Most likely to be a few cents but once the web pages are on the internet, they are there for perpetuity and can continue to earn you money for years to come. This has to be better than not earning anything at all and who knows where exposure on the web can lead.

If you have written a book, script or article and failed to get it published, why not contact us to see if we can help? You have nothing to lose by asking.


Murder at the Regal Hotel by Jack Grey - A murder mystery that leads the Private Investigator assigned to the case from Cardiff to the Dordogne.

Faith in humanity by Schuyler Peck Some questions have no answers and some should never be asked. A beautifully drafted piece of work that leaves the mind reeling.

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