The best websites on the internet are designed by professional website designers who understand the search engines employing best optimisation techniques. We stand on our reputation for designing the best websites for high Google positioning and generating quality web traffic for higher profitability.

You cannot judge a book by its cover anymore than you can look at the design of a website and decide that it is going to be a success. Looks don't always equal brains and some of the most stunning website designs are only ever seen by their owners. Best website design is all about performance and like a car, if design means sacrificing performance, then it has to be left out.

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Ridiculous as it may seem, there are organisations that hand out awards for best website design based solely on the look and navigation of a website. Many of these award winning sites have never earned their owners a penny in revenue; but it has to be said that the organisations providing these awards are nothing more than self regulating businesses, created to impress and mislead the uneducated internet student and persuade them to use their website designers.


The best website design starts off with the researcher looking at potential competitors' websites, what they are doing by way of optimisation and linking strategies, their content, traffic levels, how many pages the search engines have indexed for each search phrase and a host of other minutiae. This information is then passed to a sequence analyst who calculates the sequences, who then passes his findings onto the search engine optimiser who writes the framework. This is then passed to the website designer to build the site around.


All this takes time and money but it is impossible to build a high performance website that is going to out perform your competitors without knowing your competition. This is the first rule of business and why we find it so incredulous that so many business people make such a fundamental error when employing a website designer. The optimiser is the architect that provides the blueprint and without whom no website can hope to perform.


If you want to succeed on the internet, you have no option but to employ the best website designers to develop your site. Obviously it costs money, you cannot seriously expect to compete with millions of competitors won a world-wide or national basis by attempting any online project on a shoestring. Money invested in a cheap website or poor website design is money wasted and that is poor business sense. Most businesses fail due to poor business decisions and lack of financial resources. The simple answer is; if you don't have the funds, don't waste your money because if you are serious about succeeding online, you have only one business decision to make and that is to avoid wasting money on a website that is guaranteed to fail and go for the best website.