Best website for top 10 Google rankings, best website design built for Google placement and high traffic levels from the search engines. If you are serious about succeeding on the internet with your online business, you have no option but to employ professional website designers who understand how to develop internet strategies and best in class design.

The problem with most websites is the fact that they are not built for the search engines and most website designers do not attempt to do any search engine optimisation. The designers who do have a go or proclaim to offer SEO as part of their service base their search engine optimisation techniques on information and advice they read on other websites. The problem is that most of the information they read is wrong, misleading or total rubbish and because they blindly follow this advice, the websites they build are useless.

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There are probably no more than a score of search engine optimisers working today who really know how the search engines work. They are the people who are worth their weight in gold, play their cards very close to their chests, don't publish their findings on the internet and don't share their information. Whilst everybody else is publishing theories, none of which are proven and most so far off the mark it is laughable, the top SEO experts are making fortunes for themselves and their clients.


We are lucky enough to work with some of the best SEO experts in Europe and this is what makes us one of the top web design teams on the internet. We are a professional company building and developing some of the most important websites on the internet. Search engine optimisation adds significantly to the cost of a website and this is why we never compete on price. If the cost of a website design is going to be the deciding factor in choosing which website design company you choose, just think of the cost in lost revenue should you choose a designer who does not understand the search engines.


When we take on a design project we are looking at maximising the amount of business that the site can generate for our client through search engine traffic and internet marketing and advertising. We are not interested in taking on a design project for the sake of just building another website. We have our reputation as the best website designers on the internet to protect and that is far more important than just getting another contract.


Success on the internet is not about cutting corners or penny pinching. Go down that road and you become one of the millions of website owners who have also ran websites and who come to us in the desperate hope that we may be able to save their business. Whilst the internet has made it possible for virtually everyone to start an online business so long as they have a computer, it has also opened up a door for every na´ve and foolhardy aspiring entrepreneur to step in without any business sense or experience and lose money.

Owning a website does not guarantee a successful business model anymore than registering a company. Success comes at a price and it is the companies who have deep pockets and the wisdom to use their money that succeed. Just owning a website does not make you visible to a worldwide market, it just exposes you to hundreds of thousands or millions of competitors. You have to be seen in the top ten of Google for all the key search terms related to your business to stand any chance of success. This means you have to use a website design company who understand how this can be achieved because the lifeblood of your internet business are the search engines.