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Sometimes a new businesses will become almost synonymous with the internet. Google and eBay immediately spring to mind. The former a search engine that in terms of profit would be considered the best internet business, the latter an auction site that has no comparison in its market sector. The people behind these companies have to be amongst the richest entrepreneurs and how to make money from the internet. If you have an idea for a new website or internet business, you need to understand why these companies have proved to be so successful.

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No one is suggesting that we could help you become the next Google or eBay. You would have to come up with a world changing business idea to stand any chance of that. If you believe you have then you need to talk to our business consultants and fast.

To even consider going into competition with these two giants would require deep pockets and if you tasted any level of success, they would most likely buy you out rather than see you get too big. In fact these two companies have spent billions buying up internet businesses that have come to the market place with new ideas.

Despite the fact that these two companies are very different they actually have a lot in common. Neither makes anything, sells anything or carries any stock. They simply act as middlemen between the seller and buyer. Google's revenue comes in part through buyers clicking on advertisers advertisements with Google being paid per click. eBay on the other hand takes a commission on everything and anything that is sold through their website.

They are both as near to a perfect business model as you can get. No manufacturing costs, no warehousing, no logistic overheads, no retail outlets, low employee levels and overheads compared to income.

However, neither of these mega businesses started out being run from a back bedroom; both had major backing from the outset and this is what most budding entrepreneurs don't grasp. It is not enough to have a good idea, and just having a website doesn't mean the world will discover you. You have to have the resources to market and advertise your business from day one.

Google came to the market when MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, AskJeeves and many other search engines were already well established and jostling for position. At the time, Google offered nothing more than the rest of them. Yet nowadays, Google controls almost 80% of all search engine traffic. So what happened?

They threw money at marketing and PR, positioning themselves as the little guys battling the giants and within a short space of time the underdog, with the help of several million dollars of PR and marketing had become the top dog and they never looked back. Having established themselves, they then set about investing in innovative developments and buying up any company they felt would enhance their business.

Think of the internet and you immediately think of Google. If you have something to sell, you instantly think of eBay. The eBay success story is pretty similar to that of Google. They weren't the first auction site but they had the money to invest in marketing and PR and the rest is history.

Even their major competitors who have deep pockets, the infrastructure and resources cannot find a way to knock these two companies off the top perch; so is any company likely to come along and do it? Perhaps one day. However, the problem is that the internet enables any company with money to copy and new idea that comes along. You cannot patent an idea and have no legal protection. So even if you have the best business idea in the world, without major backers, your idea is likely to get stolen before your business gets established. Or, if you are lucky, you might get bought out, which is the next best thing.

So what are the best business ideas? And what do you do if you have one? You could spend days researching all the information on this section of our website but right now, the best business decision you could make is speak to us.

What are the best business ideas?

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