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Despite everything that the experts advise about best websites, there will always be fools who will pay for a cheap new website believing they have got themselves a bargain rather than invest in a professionally designed bespoke website that stands a good chance of success. Furthermore, there will always be cowboy website designers willing to prey on the ignorant and sell them a website in the full and certain knowledge that it will never function in the search engines.

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The best websites are the sites that get high levels of quality traffic and generate high levels of income for their owners. In order to achieve this, they have to be optimised for the search engines and built by website designers who understand how the search engines work.

This takes investment, it takes time and the site has to be carefully planned and built from scratch, not cobbled together from bits of programmes and platforms that have been obtained for free or borrowed from other websites, which is how all cheap websites are put together.

You get what you pay for with website design, like everything else in this life. Cheap is simply another word for rubbish and it is a fool who would even consider arguing this point. You cannot expect to become an internet success story or expect to become recognised as one of the best websites on the internet by getting a friend or local website design company to build you a first class website out of scrap material.

If you have a good business idea for the internet you have three options open to you. The first is; you come up with the money to invest in your project, even if you have to borrow the money to do it. Or you find yourself some business angels who understand the internet who are willing to back you if you cannot come up with all of the money. The latter of course means you will be parting with an equity stake in your new company but you will have partners who know what they are doing and will be the business brains you need. However, your idea will have to be unique, or have a number of unique selling points that make it stand out from the competition and you will have had to have done your homework about the market potential.

Your third option is to test the market by building yourself a website on UTOPELE to see if your business idea does stand a chance of making money. UTOPELE is a unique search engine that allows you to build a website within its directory so that your web pages are found on all the major search engines. Instead of paying a cowboy website designer a few hundred or thousand pounds for a useless site, you can easily build a functioning website that with the potential to generate an income for a couple of hundred pounds.

UTOPELE is unique in a number of ways. The search engines have algorithms that work in numerous ways. Google for example favours large websites, with lots of content, are already getting masses of traffic and have lots of inbound links, which is bad news for most new websites. However, because you are building a website within a large existing web directory that already has a lot of content and high traffic levels, your new web pages are treated as being part of an existing site. So your new website is likely to gain high search engine rankings very quickly.

We would recommend any budding entrepreneur to try this business search engine as their starting point especially if they lack the confidence to invest heavily in their project or feel that their business idea is not unique or lacks the unique selling points to attract a serious business angel. If you don't understand the internet or how the search engines work, it is very easy to fall foul of website designers who can baffle you with bullshit and appear to be highly knowledgeable about what they do. Showing you a nice looking website as an example of their work is not the best testimonial. You need to have demonstrated how those websites perform in the search engines for competitive keywords. If you are serious about internet success we built some of the best websites on the internet.

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