The best website needs to be at the top of Google for all important key phrases, look good to visitors and be a good business idea and most websites fail in all areas. You can have the best business idea in the world but if you don't have the best website built by designers who know how the search engines work, your new website is doomed to failure from the start.

The best website can be bastard ugly if it generates online sales, it can be even better if it looks good and instantly gains the imagination of its visitors. However, most websites get very little traffic because the owner failed to ask even the most fundamental of questions when employing the website designer and then wonders why their online business never takes off.

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Every forty seconds, a new website is uploaded to the internet and the new and aspiring entrepreneur sits back and waits for the money to flow in. The website designer then sits back and dreads the time when his new client rings and asks why his new website is not getting any traffic.


I find it bizarre that a business person will pay more attention and ask more questions when buying a car than they do when ordering a website to be built that should hold the key to their financial future. When someone buys a car, they don't just look at the design, they look under the bonnet, give it a test drive, ask questions about speed, petrol consumption and road handling. The car has to look good but nowadays, most people are more interested in the overall performance. It doesn't matter if the car looks good if the engine is knackered or is incapable of performing at a decent level. You don't need to be a mechanic or understand how the engine works to at least be able to gain some idea about whether it will do the job you want or need it to do.

Most people plod off to their local website designers and base their whole business decision on how the website will look and who can deliver a website at the cheapest price. They then pat themselves on the back for getting what they think is a good looking website at a competitive price and an overall great deal. Some months later, having got tired of the excuses offered by the website designer, the reality that they have made a horrendous business decision starts to dawn on them. They didn't ask about performance and they didn't look under the bonnet to see if their new website was capable of performing at the level they needed it to do.


Had they asked, they would have discovered that their new website doesn't even have an engine because most websites are not built for the search engines. They come with the flashy dashboard, electric windows and air conditioning, but most don't have any wheels or engine to get them up the rankings and compete against their competitors. Think I am joking or exaggerating? Then go to Google and type in best website designers and see if the website designer you employed is in the top ten or even the top one hundred.

He may have built you a nice looking website, his own website may look stunning but he is a website designer and not a search engineer and you have no engine under your bonnet and no chance of getting your website off the forecourt. You are simply sitting in the long traffic jam that millions of websites are all sitting in, wondering how they can get to the front of the queue or their destination which is the top of the search engines.


Best website design starts with search engine optimisation and a search engine optimiser providing the framework for the web developer to build the website. In most cases, websites are built without a search engine optimiser being employed and it is only when the site fails to perform that people look around for a solution. This is false economy as it is always more expensive to sort the problems out and revenue lost during the period of inactivity is unrecoverable.

Building a website in this way is always going to be more expensive, but it is a necessity like adding the wheels on a car. We never compete on price but rely on demonstrating why a professionally built website will always generate far more income for their owners than a website that has been turned out by a website designer who does not understand how the search engines work. It is why we have built a reputation for building the best websites on the internet.