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Best website designers and corporate website design services for best performance business websites. How to choose a professional web design firm?

Choosing a professional website designer from the hundreds of thousands of designers on the Internet is a major corporate decision. If you are not experienced in dealing with website designers, it is very easy to be impressed with techno babble.

Techno-babble is computer terminology used by website designers and programmers. You will probably recognise this under its non-technical term as bullshit.

Many website designers will use techno-babble to confuse and impress you into believing that they are a professional design firm best employed for your website design project.

So let's cut through the techno-bull and babble-shit and explain in plain English what you need to be looking for in a website designer and a website that will provide the best returns for your investment.
  • The way a website looks has absolutely nothing to do with the way it will perform in the search engines. Just looking good does not constitute best website design.

  • Most websites aren't actually built for the search engines and so get very little traffic. The website designer you choose should demonstrate how websites they have built perform by demonstrating search phrases through Google.

  • There is lots of advice published on the Internet about website optimisation. Most of it is complete rubbish. Read this article about search engine optimization by the best website optimiser in the business.

  • There is also a lot of rubbish published on the web about the importance of exchanging links. Click here to learn about the realities of building links.

  • Even where your website is hosted and the way the server is set up could affect the way your website performs.


If you are a business, you will almost certainly want to benefit from potential customers surfing the Internet in which case, your choice of website designers is cut from thousands down to no more than a handful.

The real test is to go to Google, MSN and Yahoo and do a few searches related to your business to see how many web pages they have indexed for businesses related to you. Less than a million, tens of millions or hundreds of millions?

Then ask any website designer if they are confident of getting your website into the top ten for searches that you specify. If they say yes - ask them to demonstrate on Google with websites they have built.

Most website designers will skirt around this sensitive issue and try and sell you on the idea that design is everything. It most certainly is not, and if your website isn't found in the top ten of the search engines, especially Google, you will be missing out on one of the main income sources.


Best website design is not just about how a website looks. It is about performance, it is about delivering high levels of quality traffic to your website that turn into enquiries. There are millions of websites on the internet that rarely see a visitor. This is because these websites have not been designed for the search engines.

When you talk to us, you will realise that we are like no other website design company. We innovate, we design websites using technology and unique systems, developed by us, that other website designers have never heard of.

This is why the websites we build for our clients, outstrip their competitors and deliver the levels of quality traffic needed to obtain realistic financial returns. Your website is an investment in your business, we take the duty of designing websites seriously.


If you are serious about running an Internet based business or having a high performance website built, you have to ignore the ridiculous and unbelievable website design offers you will find on the Internet. Cheap website design simply means that you will be the proud owner of just another website propping up the bottom of the search engines.

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