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Obese people often complain about discrimination at work and outside the office because they are overweight. Yet more lost working days are lost due to weight related illnesses like backache, arthritis, rheumatism, aching joints and overweight people take more time off work for depression and stress related illnesses than their slimmer colleagues.

Fat people are perceived as being lazy, sickly and not in control of their lives. Employers are less likely to employ someone who is obese because they believe that someone who is fat is going to be slower, less efficient, more likely to take time off work due to illness or general ailments and in some cases, do not believe that a fat person will give their company the best image. Is this fair? I think so. It is most certainly true.

The recent case of an obese woman being refused the opportunity to adopt a child because she was overweight and had difficulty getting out of her armchair highlights this point. Whilst the social services concerned did a certain amount of back tracking on their reasons why, I believe that being overweight as a reason not to adopt the child due to her size was the correct decision.

Childhood obesity is on the increase and the vast majority of obese children have obese parents. These parents are not taking proper care of their children and the UK government is only now looking at intervening where the parents do not put proper parental nutritional controls in place.

Obese people complain that airline seats are too narrow, they have difficulty getting into theatre or cinema seats, restaurant tables are too close together and they can't get clothes to fit them. All perfectly true but why complain? Why should airlines, theatres, cinemas and restaurants cater for someone who is unprepared to help themselves? I have had the misfortune to have to sit on a flight or in a theatre where someone enormous person has wedged themselves next to me and made my flight or evening extremely uncomfortable.

Sorry, you don't get my sympathy, the problem lies with the person being overweight and expecting us to change because they won't help themselves. La Feytaud diet will only help you if you are prepared to help yourself and that includes stopping feeling sorry for yourself and complaining. It is a mental mindset that you have to adopt before you adopt this lifestyle.

Take the diet, give it 100% and you get my full support, carry on binging and you can wallow in your own self pity.

Would I employ someone who was obese. I have, many years ago and regretted it. I certainly wouldn't do it again, anymore than I would employ an alcoholic or drug addict. Is that discrimination or a sensible business decision? If you are obese you are not in control of your life and your weight problem is going to cause all manner of physical ailments. You are a ticking time bomb of ill health.

Callous? No I don't think so. Ask me for help and I will happily help you if you are prepared to help yourself. Need my support? You've got it. Do I sympathise with you? Not at all. Do I empathise with you? You can bet your life I do!

Obese people often complain about people looking at them with disgust. If I allow myself to put on a little weight, I look at myself in the mirror with disgust. If you look at yourself in the mirror with disgust at what you have done to your body, is it any wonder that other people look at you in that way? Do you expect them to ignore you? Sympathise with you? Act is if you are perfectly normal?

There is only one way that you are not going to attract attention or draw the right kind of stares and that is to take positive action and lose weight. Fail to act and the job offers and promotions will go to other people, your social life will be a misery and your love life. Well let's not go there.

Seventy years ago, obesity was virtually unheard of; if you were fat, it was usually a sign of wealth. Look at any black and white movie of Edwardian working people and you won't see a fat person anywhere. Nowadays, obesity is a sickness of the working classes; junk food and takeaways have taken their toll and parents are inflicting this disease on their children out of either ignorance or neglect. If you have an overweight family or obese children it is time to act.

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