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Best way to start a new Internet business and Internet company information. Advice on how to build a successful online company with limited financial resources.

If you have a good idea for a new Internet company or Internet business of any type, unless you have a full comprehension of the search engines, have unlimited financial resources, have an exemplary business track record and an experienced in house IT team, you are going to need our help.

We would also be interested in talking to you because we have grown and expanded our group of companies by partnering fledgling businesses. We can help turn your idea into a financial Internet success.


You have a great idea but you are maybe just one individual or a small business. Entrepreneurs donít often make good business people and good business people are not often that entrepreneurial.

Small businesses face numerous problems. They face cash flow problems, they lack the funds to invest in systems capable of generating high profits or staff or the Company Principal are expected to multi-task because they cannot afford additional staff and as a result, they either fail or never grow.

We can provide the solutions to many of these problems when you become a partner.


We own one of the largest professional UK website design companies with associate and affiliate offices throughout Europe and the USA. We build corporate, custom websites that generate millions of pounds in revenue every year.

If you have a new idea or business project that involves the Internet, if it interests us, under certain conditions, we would provide, without you having to invest a penny, the type of website needed to compete at the pinnacle of the Internet. The type of website that would otherwise be unaffordable but which is capable of turning your business idea into a financial success.

With the problem of having to find the finances to pay for a website that will out perform your competitors removed and what should have been your largest financial investment, your cash flow projections are going to be much healthier.

We design and build the site, write any software programmes required to drive the site, handle all the networking, linking strategies, website maintenance, online marketing, online advertising, hosting and continued website development.

In short we supply the full blown IT and Internet marketing teams that only a large company could even consider employing. You also have a team of people with a serious interest in the success of your Internet business.

We also own one of the foremost UK business consultancies. This means we have the resources, skills and business acumen required to ensure the smooth running of any company. We can help with all things involved in corporate bureaucracy, corporate finance, employment law, VAT and company tax and just about everything involved in running a company.

This means you can get on with developing the new company and concentrating on the things that will be profitable to the company.

Furthermore, we also own one of the Internetís leading sales lead generation companies, so we understand the best ways to maximize exposure on the Internet.

In addition to this, we also happen to be the largest internetwork in Europe, with business interests involving, travel, holidays, estate agency, insurance, dating, web design, search engine optimisation, property development, Internet advertising, online marketing, television advertising, mortgages and finance to name just a few.

Online marketing is second nature to us and we have the resources and infrastructure in place to help you develop your Internet business idea.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.

Right now we are looking for more Internet business partners.

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