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Most website owners will be dissatisfied by the level of traffic they receive through the search engines and frustrated by the excuses they receive from the designer who originally built the site. It is only when they finally lose patience that they start to look for search engine optimisers and professional website designers for internet marketing advice that they realise their error in not doing enough research before committing themselves to the website designer they finally chose.

Poor service is normally the catalyst for a client to get on the internet and start looking for answers as to why their website is getting so few visitors, and it doesn't take them long to understand that they probably know as much about search engine optimisation as their original website designer. A couple of days of research and the realisation that they have wasted their money on a website that was not built for the search engines, it is most likely not being hosted on the correct type of server, the link building service they employed for exchanging links was a further waste of money and the website designer has made no attempt at any search engine optimisation.

If only the website owner had taken the trouble to do a little research and decided to use a professional website designer, thought about the realities of trying to compete against the millions of other websites on the internet, not made their decision based on who provided the cheapest quote and found out that there were people called search engine optimisers who could help turn their disaster into success.

You may well now be licking your financial wounds and wondering who you can turn to that will sort out your website and turn it into the money spinning business that you first envisaged. You just found us in the top ten of Google amongst millions of other websites all competing to be found. This is because we are the internet's best search engine optimisers and professional website designers. A bold claim, rash statement, somewhat arrogant? Maybe, but type - best search engine optimisers - or - best website designers - into Google and see which companies are in the top ten of Google for both searches.

This is not luck, no miracle, just hard work and a better understanding of how the search engines work than any other search engine optimisers and if you want to achieve the same type of results, you need to employ the services of a search engine optimisation company who can do this for themselves. Not a website designer who cannot get their own website into the top ten of the search engines.

Search engine optimisation is about building web pages that are relevant to your site and building them in enough numbers to warrant a search engine considering your website to be more relevant and important than other websites. There are no short cuts, no tricks or programmes that can help you do this. Any form of malpractice is likely to get your website blacklisted or penalised. Content has to be unique, you cannot spam a page by packing it with hundreds of keywords and the text has to be written with the right amount of keywords in the right positions for Google to rank it highly. Therefore, correct search engine optimisation is expensive and only open to website owners with the financing to pay for it. In other words, if you have a small website and you are competing against large websites on your key phrases, you are on a hiding to nothing.

So what do you do if you have a small budget and small website and want to increase traffic to your website? There are economic solutions that can improve your website ranking and traffic and build up your business to a point where you can afford to go the whole hog and employ a professional search engine optimiser. Alternatively, you can take on an internet business partner with the resources to turn your internet site into a real money spinner.

The first step is to talk to us and get advice. There are numerous search engine optimisers who will happily take your money without producing any meaningful results. Because we work on a no win no fee basis, we have a vested interest in your website achieving the results we agree. We will be up front about the costs, you won't pay us a penny until your web pages are in the top ten of Google for the agreed results and as a result we only take on projects we believe to be achievable and realistic.

If you have a website that is under achieving or producing disappointing results, don't make the same mistake you did when employing the website designer. Do your research, look for the best website designers or best search engine optimisers on the internet. You will find them in the top ten of Google. Anyone else declaring they can increase search engine traffic to your website and not in the top ten is kidding you and probably themselves.

If you need a new website then you need a correctly optimised website with a professional website design.