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If you are surfing the internet looking for advice about search engine optimisation and the best ways to get your website into the top ten of Google you will have come across a number of professional website design sites all purporting to give the best advice about internet marketing, search engine optimisation techniques, reciprocal links and even web hosting. Hopefully you found this website first, which means you will have saved yourself a lot of time and money because we do things differently.

The best search engine optimisation advice we can give you is; don't try and do it yourself and don't waste your money paying other search engine optimisation companies to do it for you. We work on a no win no fee basis where our clients pay us only when web pages that we have optimised are appearing in the top ten of Google for a minimum of 50% of the agreed search terms. You don't pay us until this is achieved. This is not a guarantee of a refund, you don't pay until we deliver the results you need.

As the best search engine optimisers on the internet, we have developed our own search engine optimisation techniques based on almost a decade of our own research. We are confident in our abilities to achieve top ten Google rankings and don't believe you should pay us like other search engine optimisers who continue to take your money whilst making excuses for their poor results.

The best type of search engine optimisation takes research, time, hard work and money. Your competitors will be investing heavily in their internet marketing strategies and you have to be prepared to do the same. There are no short cuts, no programmes and no magical formulas to suddenly propel your website past millions of other web pages and into the top ten of Google. Any company claiming otherwise, wanting payment up front or asking for a monthly fee should be avoided at all costs. The simple test to see if any search engine optimiser can really deliver the results you are looking for is to go to Google and type in the following searches to see if they come up in the top ten of Google each time: - website optimisers - website designers optimisers - search engine optimisers - best website designers - best search engine optimisers - competitive website design - We are confident that you will find us every time but doubt if you will find our competitors.

Most optimisation companies will be able to improve your rankings and increase traffic to your website but none will make any significant improvements to make it worth your while. The reality is that SEO if it is done correctly can make a major impact on your site traffic and there are very few companies who really understand how to achieve this.

Real search engine optimisation is expensive because it takes a lot of manpower to get meaningful and profitable results. If you are competing against millions of other websites, you have to be prepared to pay to compete. People who think they can have a website built for a few thousand pounds and believe that somehow, miraculously, their website is going to appear in the top ten of Google have to be so nave; but it is this naivety that other website designers survive on and where they get their business.

As the best search engine optimisers and professional website designers in Europe, we tell our clients the realities. In order to survive on the internet, you have to have deep pockets, in order to make a real impression you have to have long arms to match and in order to make a fortune on the internet you need to have both and a serious business plan to succeed.

Proper search engine optimisation delivers high levels of traffic and serious online profits and the companies making these profits are the serious players. The best internet company on the internet is the business that started out big; not a small company that started small and grew.

If you are a large company you will know that you have to invest in order to generate profits. You don't grow by trying to cut costs and minimise your marketing presence. No serious business person believes they can invest 2,000 and expect to make 2,000,000. Money makes money, always has always will and it is only by investing in the right things, whether they are tangible or intangible that profits can be multiplied over and over again.

As search engine optimisers and internet marketing consultants we come across two types of clients. Those with deep pockets looking to make bigger profits and those with limited resources looking for a magical solution to propel them into the big time.

The big companies, from experience have learned that they have to invest in the best in order to beat their competition. Those with limited funds are usually trying to find the cheapest deal in order to save money rather than make it. This is why they started small and will remain small. Business doesn't work like that; the internet is not a level playing field and when a David comes up against a Goliath in business, the David invariably gets the crap kicked out of him.

If you are starting out in business on the internet or are a small company trying to survive against the huge competition, search engine optimisation is not something you should invest in. There are less expensive, more profitable solutions to help you grow to the point where you should consider employing professional search engine optimisers. Alternatively, if you are not prepared to wait and lack the funds to propel yourself into the big time, you could consider taking on internet business partners.

Alternatively, you could consider any of the following which will increase traffic without breaking the bank:

What you should not do is believe anything published about search engine optimisation published on other websites. Most of this information is wrong, deliberately misleading or misconceived and usually gathered from other websites foolish enough to believe that simply because they read it, it happens to be true.

You found this website amongst the millions of other websites competing for the top positions on the search engines because we employ the best search engine optimisers and professional website designers in Europe.