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SEO involves a number of mediums used to increase both the volume and quality of traffic to a website through the organic or natural listings of the search engines. Although there are thousands of companies supposedly offering optimisation services, there is only room for a few at the top of Google for the key phrase - search engine optimisers - which is why many have to use the pay per click sponsored adverts to attract business.

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How any company can have the gall to pay to be in the sponsored pay per click ads because they cannot gain their own top ten positions on Google and then claim to be able to help other website owners get top 10 rankings beats me. Surely, if a website owner is looking for an SEO company to help increase traffic to their website they would log on and type "search engine optimisers" into a search engine and choose a company that was in the top ten.


Apparently not, judging by the number of clients who come to us after having wasted a lot of money and time dealing with SEO companies who promise the earth and deliver a pile of crap. Any company offering unbelievable or unrealistic results has to be able to back their claims up by demonstrating competitive search results on Google.

Any website can be top of Google for at least one obscure key phrase that no one is ever going to use. High traffic levels cannot be achieved by optimising a site for useless search terms, it only works when a website is getting traffic for the search terms that are competitive and used in their thousands.

The techniques we use can achieve this but it is important that you take a realistic approach to what can be achieved based on your monthly budget. If you only have 100 per month to spend on SEO, you cannot expect to generate millions of visitors or online sales.

There are thousands of search engines and online directories but very few worth talking about and many probably don't get much more traffic than your own website. Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and AltaVista to name just a few with Google by far the most important as far as usage is concerned. These search engines all use spiders or robots to search the internet and gather information and index websites.

They get by far the most traffic as far as internet searches are concerned but there is another search engine that is fast rising as a star of serious importance. UTOPELE is one of the cleverest ideas to hit the internet in a long time. It is a search engine directory that charges for inclusion but allows subscribers to build web pages within the directory and link to their own website. Now why would someone pay to be included on a search engine when the others are all free? Simple. All the major search engines are indexing these web pages so that they can be found through their own organic listings and because the pages are optimised they tend to be highly ranked.

Websites can network and link with each other through the UTOPELE systems and when visitors click on one website on this directory through a search engine, they can then use the UTOPELE search engine to find other subscribers. It is a neat idea that allows website owners to get top ten rankings and if their own website is optimised, to get up to four pages in the top ten of some search engines. It is an excellent way of increasing search engine traffic.