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It doesn't matter where you choose to buy investment property overseas; if you take sound advice, do your research and use one of our professional advisors, you should make money.

Property is cheap in Morocco, Turkey and Bulgaria. Cyprus, Spain, USA, Portugal, France and Italy are all well established. So do you invest in an emerging market or in a market where property is selling at a premium?

Speak to our experts - that is the best advice I can offer.

Property has always been a sound medium to long term investment but if you know what you are doing, it can also generate extremely high profits in the short term. However, you have to understand the capital gains tax laws for each country if you are planning on buying to sell on fast.

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Mistakes not be made when looking for the best property investments abroad

Emerging markets like Morocco, Turkey and Bulgaria tend to offer higher percentage returns on capital growth as properties ten to be cheaper, but rental returns are normally lower. Established markets like Spain and France may have bottomed out, but there are bargains to be had as a result if you know where to look. Speak to our experts.

Countries like France and Spain have been extremely popular in the past but competition for lettings has made rental periods shorter and more difficult. You need to know where to advertise to maximise returns. For France or for the rest of the world. It is a matter of buying the right property at the right price at the right time.

Does a slow market mean that you shouldn't invest. Again this will depend on your reasons for investing. Property prices will always go up, they just have periods when they are quiet or even slip back. If you bought a property at the height of the property boom in the late 80's early 90's, on paper you may well have ended up with negative equity. What are those properties worth now? Short term losses to make long term gains. You only lose money if you sell at a loss.

Portugal remains buoyant, Cyprus is on the rise and the USA is flat as a pancake as far as overseas buyers are concerned. Are there killings to be made there? Speak to our experts.

If I were living in Spain, knowing how tough the market is, I would be out there looking for the bargains. Spain is always going to be a popular destination so I would be investing with a medium to long term view. As it happens, I live in France, where the market is almost as flat. Am I still buying? Yes, when I see the right property at the right price with the right development potential and it is in line with my existing portfolio.

I buy with a long term view to capital growth and rental possibilities. Mine is a specialist market, a minefield for the uninitiated and where the bargains are to be had because investors who don't know what they are doing make huge financial mistakes. However, the holiday letting market is still extremely lucrative if you get good advice. Speak to our experts.

Buying the best investment properties is only as profitable as the advice you receive. Use your commonsense, listen to advice, invest in proper legal advice and let your money be the last thing you part with.

Think about accessibility, research property law, inheritance tax and capital gains tax laws for your country of choice, buy a property because of the use you will get from it as well as the capital growth and income potential and talk to other property owners about the bureaucracy.

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