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Over the last few pages I have demonstrated how you can save a small fortune whilst making in one with my money making and saving ideas. Most of my best money making ideas require no investment and just a computer and spare time. Showing you how to become rich and accumulate wealth is one thing but successful entrepreneurs never stop, they diversify and property investment and internet businesses are just two ways to make money.

If you have followed all my advice, then should have accumulated several thousand pounds or dollars within 6-8 months and hopefully bought your first property investment. However, if you are really ambitious, after about 12 months, you will have realised that working on your own has its limitations. Yes you can make more money than you ever dreamed of working at your computer, putting the money away and then investing in overseas properties, but there are only so many hours in a day and therefore only so much money that you can make working on your own.

Start of article about money saving ideas.

Start of article about money making ideas.

To speed up the process, you either have to start employing people with all the aggravation that comes with that responsibility or you have to branch out into other business areas and take on partners who have a sound knowledge and understanding of the new business arena that has sparked your interest.

Money making idea number 6. Start your own internet business. This is how I made and still make money and I make it 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The reason that I invest in property as explained on the previous page is I have to put my money into something tangible that is boring but relatively safe and secure. However, if you know what you are doing and I would assume you don't, there is a lot of money to be made on the internet with the right idea and backing.

To succeed on the internet requires investment and a full understanding of how the search engines worked. There are a billion or so internet sites on the world wide web and most never earn their owners a penny profit. Millions of people invest in internet sites believing they are going to make a fortune and get their fingers burned because they do not know or understand how the system works.

Type - Best Internet Company - into Google and you should find this website in or around top spot out of over 250 million web pages. Any website not in the top ten or twenty as far as people searching the web is concerned doesn't exist and there are hundreds of millions of websites out there that never see the light of day.

To make money from the internet, you have to have partners who know how the search engines work and have the resources to back your internet business idea. Alternatively, if you don't have an idea for an internet business, you need to get in on the ground floor of a new internet business with a view to hands on management. My partners and I can help you with all these aspects.

We back new internet businesses as the partners handling the IT side of things and are constantly on the lookout for exciting new ideas that we can get involved in as business partners or new partners who can get involved financially and help manage the new companies.

It is not expensive to have a website built, in fact people run off to website design companies all the time and have a website built for a few thousand pounds or dollars thinking they are going to make their fortune. This is nave at best and ridiculously stupid at worse because commonsense has to tell you that any new website is going to be competing with millions of other websites in the search engines. Success on the internet and making millions requires huge investment.

Obviously, we are major players in a big sea with the resources to turn any good idea into an internet success but any applicant has to prove they have the ability to invest at least a small proportion (5-10,000) of the total costs involved to show a commitment, and more importantly, convince us of their ability to run the new company.

If you have been making money out of my other money making ideas and proved to yourself that you have the capabilities and resolve to turn your financial situation around by using my money saving and other money making ideas, then now is the time to talk to me about getting into the really big money.

Money making idea number 1. Online boot sales.

Money making idea number 2. Writing articles for the internet.

Money making idea number 3 Selling stories and or photographs to magazines, newspapers and the media.

Money making idea number 4. Helping people reduce their utility bills.

Money making idea number 5 Buying property abroad.

Most people will go through life without ever doing anything more than dreaming about becoming rich. The most effort they will ever put into becoming a millionaire is buying a lottery ticket. They will complain about their job, moan about their wages and worry about how they are going to pay the bills. Few will ever do anything positive about their situation and spend their lives blaming everyone and everything else for their mediocre existence.

Making money is simple but don't be confused by thinking it is easy. Look at any successful entrepreneur and they will be working night and day and never ceasing to look at ways of increasing their income.

Look at any successful businessman or woman, and they will be constantly looking at ways to save money and make their business more profitable.

Money saving idea number 1 - How to cut your food bills in half

Money saving idea number 2 - Pay off your credit and store cards

Money saving idea number 3 - Reduce your utility bills

Money saving idea number 4 - Only ever pay cash

Money saving idea number 5 - Drive a cheap car

Money saving idea number 6 - Use your commonsense

Money saving idea number 7 - Stop smoking

Money saving idea number 8 - Buy holiday homes abroad so that you don't have to pay for holidays

Money saving idea number 9 - Write off a large percentage of your debts

You will only ever accumulate wealth if you can differentiate between making money and making a profit. Successful households are like successful businesses, they have high incomes and low overheads. However, any business or household on a low income can be successful and accumulate wealth providing the overheads are substantially lower than the income.

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