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The best diet does not include buying ridiculous food supplements, pills or milkshakes to replace a proper healthy meal. The healthiest way to lose weight is to eat healthy nutritious meals and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean that you are entering a strict fitness regime but it does include adopting the correct psychological approach to dieting. If you are truly serious about shedding those unwanted pounds, you have to accept responsibility. I cannot do that for you, I am certainly not going to be sympathetic to your plight but I do understand how difficult it can be to lose weight by dieting and restricting your food intake.

This is why La Feytaud diet is the best diet for anyone who has tried other diets and failed. The French word for diet is régime and any regime is obviously going to be tough. La Feytaud is not so much of a diet as a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy nutritious food that is easy to prepare, tastes fantastic and is likely to cut your weekly food bills in half. This is why it is so easy to follow and so easy to maintain.


If you are overweight, fat, obese or even morbidly obese and have tried other diets, La Feytaud is most likely going to be the easiest diet that you have ever tried. However, like all diets, healthy lifestyles or weight loss programmes, it is only as good as the person who is following the diet.

First of all you have to accept the responsibility for your excessive weight rests with you. If you are fat it is your fault; nobody force feeds you, you cannot blame your lifestyle, your parents or anyone else. You are fat because you eat too much, you eat the wrong type of food, you don't take enough exercise and are probably fundamentally lazy in as much as you cannot be bothered to prepare a proper healthy meal.

Some of you might be thinking that you aren't prepared to sit here and be insulted like that but unless you accept your responsibility for your extra stones and pounds, you will never lose weight. You will simply continue to try all the fad diets, wasting your money, feeling miserable and blaming everyone and everything else.

The problem with being overweight is that it is a vicious circle. Being fat slows you down, it makes you miserable, it leads to depression which leads to not caring or bothering about anything. This is why fat people will generally not bother about preparing or cooking a decent meal, preferring to sling something in the oven or order a takeaway.

Fat people will often comfort eat because it makes them feel better and then bemoan the fact that they are putting on weight. It is like people who have debt problems who go on a spending spree with their credit cards because it makes them feel happy for a few minutes but knowing full well that they are simply compounding their debt problems.

Being overweight slows you down both physically and mentally, the more weight you gain, the slower you become and the harder it is to take any form of physical exercise. This is the vicious cycle that overweight people find themselves in and why many of them give up before they have even given a diet the chance to make it work.

You cannot lose weight by just dieting and you shouldn't try and lose weight by suddenly going on a massive exercise course if you are obese. Overweight people tend to expect too much from a diet in too short a space of time. They have piled on the pounds over a decade or two then expect to lose the weight in a few short weeks. Trying to lose weight in this way is both stupid and dangerous. Everything about your lifestyle has to change before you should even attempt to lose weight.

Accepting that it is your fault that you are fat is just the first step. There are absolutely no acceptable excuses for being fat or overweight and until you accept that fact, you are going to find it hard to lose weight no matter what diet or lifestyle you adopt.

You are overweight because you are lazy. Whether you became lazy after you got fat or you got fat because you are lazy is immaterial. Laziness is both a physiological and psychological trait which compound each other. Being fat means that any physical effort is made more difficult, the more obese you are, the more effort is required to achieve even the most normal physical activity like getting out of a chair. Therefore, sitting in a chair becomes the norm rather than taking physical exercise, which brings us back to the vicious circle.

Fat people tend to lounge around, watch too much television, eat too much due to boredom or comfort eating, take too little physical exercise, are ill more regularly, have fewer outside interests, have slower thought processes, lower self esteem, go out less, feel sorry for themselves, eat more because they are miserable and therefore gain more weight.

Feeling sorry for yourself is the worse thing you can do. Get angry, stop moaning and do something positive. The worse thing your partners or loved ones can do for you is sympathise with your plight or make endearing comments about how they love you as you are. If your weight is a source of misery, they need to kick you up your ample backside and work with you to obtain your target weight.

Your weight problem is self inflicted and nobody should sympathise with you. Fat people are fat because they eat too much and they eat too much of the wrong food. Until they are prepared to change those two facts, they will continue to gain weight and compound their problems. You have to change, you have to stop filling your face with rubbish, stop eating vast quantities, stop eating because you are bored or feeling depressed or miserable.

If you are depressed or simply miserable because you are fat, the simple solution is to take a grip and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. You will feel better just making that decision but you then have to follow it through. The day you make that decision, not a "I'll give it a go to see if it will work" because that attitude will certainly end in failure. You have to make a conscious determined decision to lose weight; which means eating healthily, eating less and starting a light exercise regime.

If you were told that unless you stopped gauging on vast quantities of junk food, you would die tomorrow, would you stop filling your face today? It might not be tomorrow, but your weight problem could give you a fatal heart attack next week, next month, or next year. You are committing suicide, slowly but surely and your eating habits are self inflicted. One day you are going to die as a result of your eating habits and your death will have been self inflicted. You don't deserve sympathy from anyone and you should not seek it.

You have to be prepared to help yourself before starting La Feytaud. There is no point in starting the diet and trying to adopt the bits you like but not being prepared to make the full commitment. Follow the diet to the letter and I guarantee you will lose weight and meet your ideal target weight in time. Approach it as just another diet that you are going to try and you will fail.

If you want to see your children grow up, see your grandchildren grow up, look and feel great, go shopping for clothes that will make you look great, not clothes that hopefully hide your weight problem and feel proud of yourself, you need to change your life now. La Feytaud can help you do that but only if you are seriously and genuinely determined to make it work.

If you are still reading this, then you are in with a good chance, because many overweight people will have already clicked out of this page rather than face the facts. They are the people who are looking for a magic pill, an easy option or some miracle cure that does not exist. Running away from the problem does not make the problem go away; it just gets bigger at the same pace as them. Your weight problem is you and your attitude to eating and life in general nothing will change unless you are prepared to change.

Changing means stopping making excuses about your weight and accepting that your weight problem is your fault. La Feytaud nor any other diet won't work unless you understand this and find the inner strength to make the necessary changes. I cannot do that for you, nor can any family member. All any of us can do is support you and where your family is concerned, participate fully in your new lifestyle.

Sympathy and understanding are not the same thing. I understand how difficult it is to diet, to change a way of life, to aim for what seems or has always been the impossible. Don't set yourself ridiculous targets, petit à petit as they see here in France. Set low achievable targets that are realistic and achievable. In fact La Feytaud, depending on how overweight you are will make the weight fall off but by surpassing your targets, the psychological boost you will get will give you even greater encouragement to continue.

Weight loss will depend on how big you are now and how much exercise you do. If you are obese, clinically obese, or morbidly obese the weight should fall off in the early weeks and months. It is absolutely essential that you follow this advice.

The psychological impact on your mental well being is likely to be enormous once you have been on the La Feytaud diet for a few weeks. You will find that the more success you have, the more determined you will become to hit your target weight, you will feel more confident, more mentally active, more energised and happier with your appearance. Eventually, you will most likely forget that you are actually on a diet and just come to accept that you live a very healthy lifestyle.

Your first step is to stop making excuses for why you are overweight and accept the responsibility for your weight problems. If you are serious about shedding your excess pounds this is the fastest diet.

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