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There is a philosophy and psychology behind La Feytaud that can assist with eating disorders. More than just a weight loss plan, the best diet program has to include help with changing behaviour patterns, sensible physical exercise, realistic targets, motivation and easy to follow dietary advice.

Losing weight requires changing your eating habits, altering your behaviour patterns, doing more exercise, accepting that the problem is you and changing your attitudes and thinking towards eating habits and lifestyle. Unless you are prepared to do this, you won't lose weight and you certainly won't keep the weight off.

I've heard doctors say that "you are what you eat." Simply changing your diet alone is not going to help you lose weight long term. I believe "you are what you think" and if you can change the way you think about food, exercise, life and most importantly about yourself, you will find that La Feytaud will be an easy lifestyle to adopt and you will feel far happier about life in general and yourself in particular.

If you are like me and I think this applies to most people; the moment you say you want to lose weight you feel hungry and probably eat something. Going on a diet is a psychological process that will make most people miserable, they will feel constantly hungry, envious of what other people or family members are eating and in a matter of time give up and convince themselves that the diet didn't work for them. Dieting, if you are doing it just to lose weight doesn't work.

I have seen people sit down and have a milkshake or cereal bar for lunch or carefully measure out and count the calories on a plate. This has got to be a miserable process to put yourself through. If you enjoy your food having a milkshake or cereal bar is a pretty miserable lunch and counting calories is a constant reminder that you are watching and counting calories all the time.

I believe that you should eat to live rather than live to eat but eating has got to be an enjoyable process that leaves you feeling satisfied and having enjoyed your meal. Furthermore, any diet has got to be able to include everyone in the household even if they don't need to lose weight, so that you are not having to eat or prepare different meals for everyone.

La Feytaud will help you lose weight and if there are family members who do not have weight problems, they will enjoy the meals and feel satisfied and healthier as a result. If you have children who are difficult eaters, don't eat vegetables or pick over their meals, you will find that most children will enjoy La Feytaud.

You are not going on a diet, you are adopting a completely different lifestyle, one that is going to change your life for the better. You are going to change the way you think about food, how you shop, your attitude to exercise and your whole approach to life. This is going to be life changing in every sense of the word. Your reasons for losing weight will change, your self esteem is going to increase enormously, your confidence will grow and you will feel fitter and more healthy with everyday.

Losing weight is the by product of La Feytaud, it just happens because you have changed your thought processes, your attitudes, your lifestyle and behaviour patterns. The diet will cut the cost of your weekly food bills, you will have more money to spend on new clothes and physical activities, you won't be counting calories, drinking milkshakes or eating cereal bars. This is a lifestyle where you eat delicious nutritious food that incorporates ingredients that I believe will make a world of difference to your weight.

There are hundreds of reasons why individuals put on weight but it always boils down to one thing - not burning off the excess calories that your body needed to function. Everyone is different, the taller you are, naturally the more calories your body requires to function. If you need 1500 calories a day to function, eat 2,500 calories a day but only burn off 500 calories, it stands to reason that you will put on weight because you have an excess of 500 calories a day.

On the other hand, if you need 1500 calories a day, eat 2,000 calories and burn off 1,000 calories, you are going to lose weight. La Feytaud diet will show you how to eat sensibly, how to burn calories doing everyday activities that can be incorporated into any working day and make it fun.

The forum is there for all subscribers to the diet. You will get advice and support from other members of the forum, my wife and myself. If you have children who are overweight, my children also log on to give them encouragement and motivation.

Which brings me to your children. It is important that your children understand that losing weight is going to benefit them enormously and that they are motivated by the idea. This is dealt with in depth in the diet program. However, simple target and reward systems are a great way of motivating any child to achieve weight loss.

I didn't devise La Feytaud as a diet to lose weight, my sole aim was to ensure that my children ate a healthy well balanced diet and didn't grow up fat and unfit. This was achieved by devising a diet that required a very low budget that more than surpassed my expectations. The philosophy behind this was not to make my children feel that they were being deprived of food that other children ate but to make them feel that they were benefiting from eating great food with the occasional treat involved.

The result was my children have grown up tall, slim, fit and healthy who still enjoy their meals, eat extremely well but don't eat junk food out of choice. This was about educating them about the benefits of eating well and the results have been more than they could have wished for.

The long term gains that you and your children will benefit from will be ample reward for subscribing to La Feytaud and the weight loss you will see will be achieved in a healthier, consistent and long term manner rather than on any other quick weight loss program.

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