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You should find all the answers you need about La Feytaud diet within the E-book, on the website or through our forum. However, these are some of the questions that crop up regularly from time to time.

I find I am waking up early in the morning. Is this normal?
Providing you don't mean 2.00 am then the answer would be yes. This should start happening about 8 weeks into the diet. You should find that as your health recovers, you will need only about 6/7 hours per night max. For younger people, this could be just 5/6 hours per night.

The weight is falling off but my skin is looking saggy.
You are either losing the weight too quickly, not doing enough exercise, drinking too much coffee, tea and alcohol, smoking, or not drinking enough water. As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity; step up the recommended fruit and vegetable content in your meals, drink more water, speed up your exercise routine and cut down on tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. You need to slow the weight loss down for a while to allow your skin to catch up. This is a lifestyle programme not a race to be won in record time.

I've been on the programme for a while and my weight loss has slowed down.
This is most likely to be because you are now replacing fat with muscle which weighs more. Check your body measurements to see if they have reduced since you last measured yourself. Your body shape should have changed and your clothes feel looser. If this is not the case, reduce either the protein or carbohydrate levels in your diet. Do not reduce both unless you know you have been over eating.

I'm losing weight everywhere except my waist or thighs or bum or chest.
We all have one or two areas where the weight seems to stick around longer or seems impossible to shift. With women, it tends to be bums and thighs, men have a problem with waists and chest. This is a general rule. You need to do concentrated exercise on these areas and lower your protein intake.

I'm having trouble getting off to sleep.
La Feytaud will give you greater energy and also increase your mental agility which can lead to sleep problems. I found the best solution to this was to lie in a darkened room and try to keep awake - always works for me. You may also find that you don't need as much sleep and if you are going to bed at the same time as you always did, you are going to bed too early. Failing that, the next question is always a good solution.

Since starting the diet my husband has become a sex maniac.
And your problem is? Improved health will increase both your sexual libidos and the diet definitely has that effect. Enjoy it, it's a great way to lose weight, not efficient but extremely enjoyable. If it really is a problem you need to seek the kind of advice that we don't offer here.

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