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Most successful entrepreneurs have failed or even been made bankrupt before they taste real success. It is not until they realise that the qualities of an entrepreneur and a businessman are very different and wake up to the idea of taking on business partners with the business acumen required to succeed that they move forward.

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We can involve ourselves in any business either as consultants, out sourced departments or partners with an equity stake, depending on your requirements. This may just entail handling the It and internet side of your business as an out sourced IT team, consultancy to determine which areas of your business require restructuring or investment, or acting as business angels and taking an equity stake in a new or struggling company.

It is all about personalities and characteristics. If you are an entrepreneur that has faced failure, you should not be deterred. You only fail when you fail to get back up and accepting that there are gaps in your business skills is a step forward not an acceptance of failure or any weakness. The fact is, what makes a successful entrepreneur and what makes a successful businessman are poles apart and one rarely survives without the other. The former is usually the public face of the company, the latter the one that actually ensures the business is profitable and increases profits year on year. Then there are all the other people involved in the business who work in their own specialist areas, developing products, managing the accounts, marketing, sales, advertising and a hundred other facets of the business.

These are the cogs that ensure the company runs smoothly. They may have the ideas but not the personality or qualities to turn them into a business. They need the entrepreneur to make things happen, the business minds to ensure it works and the entrepreneurs and businessmen need these people to oil the works. One is of little use without the other.

What do you understand about: We often come across budding entrepreneurs who have a good idea and the energy to move a new business forward but lack the wherewithal to be able to get the new company into a position where it will prove profitable. The bright ones understand they need help and are prepared to share the profits in return for a smaller proportion of far greater profits which is where we come in.

The Internet plays an important role in the success of any business and we can provide all the internet business advice and support necessary to give any company the best chance of success. No new internet company stands any chance of real success without a highly knowledgeable and technically skilled IT team. If you have little knowledge of how the internet works and what the difference is between a professionally designed and built bespoke website and a website churned out by a cheap website design company, go to Google and type in "best internet company". You will find us top or near the top out of over 200 million web pages and that takes some doing.

Professional website design and correct search engine optimisation are just two of the many roles we can play in the success of a business.

There are many functions within any company that we can apply ourselves to and when we bring people to the boardroom table we will be bringing some of the best business minds around.

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