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I recently learned of a case where an obese man was omitted to hospital with internal bleeding and blood in his stools. Checks revealed none of the obvious causes, like bowel cancer of ulcers. Having caught a cold, he had recently gone to his doctor and been prescribed anti-biotics. It turned out that he was already taking anti-biotics for some other minor illness. The two different antibiotics combined with him also taking an aspirin a day for some other health problem had caused the lining of his stomach to bleed.

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Anti-biotics kill off all the bacteria in your body, including the bacteria you carry that is needed to keep you healthy and fight off disease and infection. So the moment you stop any course of antibiotics, you are left without any immune system to defend yourself against attack from any bacteria or virus. I liken this to having a temporary case of AIDS and this is why, when you have been to the doctors and taken a course of antibiotics you find yourself back at the surgery with some other illness.

The man mentioned above is grossly overweight due to excessive eating which is also the cause of his diabetes. He is constantly seeking medical attention for something or other, some quite serious in fact. However, the doctor simply prescribes medication without addressing the cause of the problems which is his diet.

The patient, like the majority of the population does not take responsibility for his health and simply takes everything his doctor prescribes for him without any question. He continues to abuse his body and expects his doctor to prescribe a solution.

Your doctor is not infallible. If you are ill and concerned about a medical decision you should seek medical advice. However, if your doctor writes out a prescription you should always ask questions. Ask what the medication is, ask what it will do and ask if your own immune system will fight off the virus on its own. If it will, ask your doctor if the medication is really necessary.

Doctors are all too willing and prepared to prescribe antibiotics for anything instead of sending a patient away and telling them that their own immune system will deal with the minor ailment they have. The result is a population that has become so dependent on antibiotics; they don't have any decent immune system that has been allowed to develop over any length of time.

Little wonder then that we have an overweight society, with low sperm counts and infertility problems that are more sickly and weak than our immediate predecessors. Poor diet, little exercise and an over dependency on antibiotics that ensures our immune systems never get the chance to build up any defences of their own.

It takes years to be build up a strong immune system and one course of antibiotics can destroy your immune system virtually over night leaving you exposed to any virus or bacteria that you come into contact with. People who are rarely or never ill, talk about having a strong disposition and this is in reality being in possession of an immune system that has not been destroyed by taking antibiotics. The reality is that they probably are ill from time to time but don't bother going to their doctor because they are used to getting over any virus very quickly. Allowing your body to fight off a virus or infection on its own is a natural form of immunisation that strengthens your immune system and inoculates you against further attack in the future.

MRSA and C-difficile

Antibiotics * ill health * poor diet * MRSA * C-difficile * allergies * detox diet * lost working days * why antibiotics are bad for your health * weight loss

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