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So there you have it. We seem to have created a world where mankind is becoming weaker, likely to live a shorter life than our recent forebears, growing fatter by the minute and more dependent on doctors prescribing drugs we don't need and creating environments that are a substitution for our metabolisms.

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As well as getting weaker, less fertile and more obese, western civilisation is becoming more susceptible to allergies of every description. Food allergies, hay fever, asthma, allergies to cats and dogs, dust mites, Eczema, allergic rhinitis and Urticaria (Hives).

Our bodies are not adapting fast enough to 21st century living. Pollution is only part of the problem. Our diets when pregnant are totally alien to what a baby should endure whilst in the womb. This is not a nine month incubation period, it is an evolvement period built up over centuries and no baby born today will have developed any immune system strong enough to adapt or cope with processed and junk food.

This brings me back to my conclusion that our bodies are so dependent on labour saving devices, central heating, double glazing and junk food whilst living in dust free, airless environments that we cannot cope with anything that might be the slightest bit alien to our sanitary environments.

If you lived off an unhealthy diet whilst pregnant and your child was born into and brought up in an over sanitised, airless environment and fed processed foods, the chances are he or she is likely to be susceptible to all sorts of allergies.

As a child, I suffered from infantile eczema and later suffered from hay fever into my early forties. I grew up in a sanitised house where my mother bleached and disinfected everything. I had to wash my hands if I touched a dog or cat, wash my hands if I played outside, went to the toilet or touched the railings.

My daughter was born into a sanitised house that my wife kept spotless and was allergic to cat and dog hairs, had a constant cough, due, the doctors said to dust and bed mites, despite the fact that my wife regularly vacuumed her bed.

Then we moved to the French countryside into an old house with bare stone walls, no double glazing, no central heating and dust from agricultural activities and centuries of cows and sheep being kept in the attached barns. Two years of hell, four dogs, four cats, chickens, ducks and geese and my hay fever stopped, my daughters allergies and cough disappeared and the dust and dog hair - don't even go there.

We have crops sown right up to our garden, we have a garden the size of a park that needs cutting constantly, when the combine harvesters are going at full pelt, the dust is like a cloud above us. Everything that should aggravate my hay fever and my daughters allergies are here in abundance. So what happened?

Change of lifestyle

Allergies * asthma * hay fever * hives * food allergy * overuse of antibiotics * super bugs * MRSA * virus mutation * detox diet * C-difficile * healthy lifestyle advice

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