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How to earn an income from the Internet | Earn an income from the Internet
Earning an income from the Internet | Best way to earn an income from the Internet

The Where On Earth Group are a partnership of Internet sites that are looking for more partners to help with expansion.

You do not have to have any IT knowledge or experience, just a desire to earn a good living, a determination to succeed and a willingness to work hard.

All you need is good business idea for the Internet and you will be joining and working other businesses involved in the property, travel, holiday, tourism, marketing, advertising, dating and a myriad of other industries with a unique opportunity to advertise across a growing number of Internet sites.

Where On Earth are the largest network of Internet sites, unique in their field and the undoubted market leaders. We are expanding and looking for energetic, intelligent people who want to profit from our success who work in a diverse range of markets.

We have over hundreds of Internet sites covering France, Spain, Italy, UK, Bulgaria, Turkey and America and we are moving into other countries. If you want to earn money from the Internet, we would like to speak to you.


We will design and build a web site specific to your business ideal. This could be a web site that covers all the countries Where On Earth currently operates in, a web site that is specific to one country or even a local area (County/Department/State).

We would host it, optimise it for the search engines, submit it to the search engines, link it into all our other web sites and provide full IT support and development.

This is an Internet business handed to you on a plate where you can provide your clients with unprecedented Internet exposure reaching the UK, Dutch, German, French, Belgian and American markets with one simple application.

We provide you with a unique marketing product that is second to none with no competitors.

You can advertise your own product, properties or services on all appropriate web sites.


You provide the energy, the time, the motivation and the determination to build your own Internet business.


We are seeking serious applicants who can see the benefit of being part of a large organisation offering a dynamic and constantly developing product and sharing in the profits generated through the websites we design.

We therefore make a small monthly charge on top of our profit sharing agreements to discourage anyone who would otherwise not be committed to making a success of their business.

We pay all up front development costs. You may if you wish advertise your web site in the press and magazines.

Monthly costs are:

Local web sites (County/department/State): 80.00 per month
National web sites: 120.00 per month
International web sites: 180.00 per month

Minimum annual targets:

Local web sites (County/department/State): 25,000.00 per annum
National web sites: 38,000.00 per annum
International web sites: 60,000.00 per annum

In some cases, you may already be running a business such as a letting agency or selling property in which case, for a small additional monthly charge, your existing business could be incorporated into the new web site, so that we enhanced your existing turnover.

Having made a success of one business, there is no reason why you should not expand into others.

If you would like to learn more about the business opportunities available within the Where On Earth group, please contact us.

How to earn an income from the Internet | Earn an income from the Internet | Earning an income from the Internet | Best way to earn an income from the Internet

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