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More books have been written on the subject of advertising than any other subject – most of them chequebooks.

Advertising is a necessary business expense – it must generate business and prove profitable. Most advertising does not work. In fact more money is wasted on useless advertising than any business overhead.

The Where On Earth Group is one of Europe’s leading online Internet advertising consultancies with offices in the UK, Holland and France. We focus on innovative online advertising, website design, search engine optimisation, media and TV advertising. In fact, if it involves the Internet or other advertising mediums, it should involve us. Our job is to make your business profit from the Internet and other advertising mediums. If you choose to work with us, you will profit from our unrivalled experience in Internet marketing, programming, design and research. Come and discover why it's our expertise and experience that helps our clients generate millions in on-line sales every year.

If you are frustrated by your current Internet advisers costing the earth, promising the world but unable to deliver the goods, why not give us a try. We think you will be surprised at how quickly we can achieve highly profitable results for your business.


Advertising on the Internet can throw up a million opportunities to profit from and billions where you can just waste your money. Like all advertising, whether it is newspapers, television, radio, niche magazines or lead generation the success of your Internet advertising depends on high volumes of people seeing your advert. As Europe’s largest internetwork and recognised as one of the Internet’s leading search engine optimisers, we are best placed to advise you on all aspects of Internet advertising.

If, for example, you want to advertise a holiday home, hotel, B&B, restaurant or property for sale we can show you how to advertise across a growing range of high profile websites with one application form. This is a very economical way of buying Internet advertising in bulk and saves hours of having to fill in numerous application forms.

This will be of particular interest to estate agents.

Advertising on the Internet is not the same as advertising in publications, on television or any other advertising medium. Handled correctly, advertising on the Internet can prove more profitable than any other form of advertising. Handled the wrong way, your advertising budget can disappear without a single return on your investment. There are plenty of people out there to help you waste your advertising budget - if you are stupid enough to let them.

20% of the population own 80% of the wealth. If you are advertising a product that is bought by an affluent market, your advertising has to be geared accordingly. If, on the other hand you are advertising a product that can be bought by everyone, your advertising must carry a simple, clear message. This is fairly easy if you are advertising on the television or in the press. However, advertising on the Internet comes with a myriad of extra problems. It would be impossible to cover every aspect of our advertising services to cover every individual scenario. That is why you need to contact us.

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This is good starting point for your advertising campaign BUT it is just the beginning.

We are Europe’s largest advertising Internetwork with hundreds of websites, tens of thousands of pages, all offering an advertising opportunity – no one spreads a wider advertising net than us.

The links down the left hand page, will take you to a number of FREE advertising opportunities. Please read and follow the simple instructions. The 80/20 rule applies here judging by the adverts that people place.

One of the biggest reasons advertising does not work is because 80% of all advertisers fail to send a clear and precise advertising message. Make your advert clear and concise – it is a sick mind that enjoys reading and trying to decipher hundreds of adverts. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. Good advertising is high impact with a short message.


Think about which categories you need to be found under. Your target market is sure to be looking under more than one category.


Advertising online should throw up a million opportunities to see your advertisement.

Most online advertisements, if the truth is told are rarely seen by anyone. The reason for this is simply because most Internet sites get very little traffic. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main reason is that the search engines never deliver them to the top of their search results for the most competitive search terms. So, whilst some websites are getting thousands of visitors everyday, most get a handful.

If you advertise your website in a newspaper you can be fairly sure of hitting your target audience.

Online advertising doesn’t work like that. You advertise your services of website on a large internet directory and then you depend on the expertise of the Internet company to ensure that their portal and in particular, the page you are advertising on, comes up in the top ten of the related search results. Pick the right online advertising medium and your advert will be found through hundreds of search engines for thousands of different related key phrases. If you are really lucky, your website advert will also be found through thousands of links. Pick the wrong online advertising medium and you have kissed your money goodbye.

It is another reason why you need our help.


Is Internet advertising the right advertising medium for you? If you are an emergency plumber and someone has water running through their ceiling – are they going to log onto the Internet to find you? The first thing I would do is switch my computer off!

If you have a website and provide a product or service that can only be provided locally, your website should be optimised for local searches. Most websites aren’t even built for the search engines.

Internet advertising should start with your own website. If it is correctly optimised and has hundreds of links running to it, people searching the Internet are going to find you. If they don’t, you have wasted your money. Obtaining hundreds of FREE links to your website takes minutes, you don’t need to pay anyone to do this.

If you have a website and provide a product or service that can be sold worldwide, you have a tougher task on your hands. Optimising a website for the search engines is complex and very few companies, despite their wild claims, can really get results. You really need to speak to a company who understand the search engines.

You also need to get your website advertised on hundreds of web pages that are optimised for the search engines. Which is just another reason why you should talk to us.


If you are advertising in a magazine, you stand a good chance of people seeing your advertisement even if they were not looking for you. This is one of the major benefits of advertising in print. The same can be said of having a shop front on a high street or in a shopping complex. Passing trade is a major marketing resource of business.

One of the biggest mistakes made by website owners when looking at their advertising and marketing on the Internet, is their lack of attention to passing trade. Advertising on web pages that cover related topics can prove profitable but can also be time consuming if you don’t know how to do it at the click of a button. There are inexpensive ways of marketing your website across thousands of related web pages that take just minutes to set up.

However, this type of marketing can prove fruitless if you do not know what keywords to use for your marketing. This is important, because when someone types a search into any search engine, programming technologies are used to create a web page that is relevant to the information being searched for by the search engines. In essence, as the search engines search for the most relevant pages on the Internet, these systems are creating pages at the same time. Yet another reason why you should talk to us.


How many times have you taken up the offer of free Internet advertising, only to find that it was a complete waste of time. Those websites have probably disappeared along with the thousands of other websites that fail. So why do websites offer free advertising?

Most of them will be start up websites trying to get a foot on the bottom rung which is where the majority will stay. Some will hope that that the advertisers taking up the free advertising will become paying customers at a later date. Relatively few advertisers will ever get an enquiry, so never end up paying and as a result these websites disappear in time.

We offer free advertising for a number of reasons.

It brings extra traffic to our site culminating in income from other sources. It is a good way of generating other business in the same way that shops invite people to wander in and browse and every so often we see an advertiser who we feel is worth approaching about our other services.

The important thing about our free Internet advertising pages is – they are found by the search engines.


BOOP provides Internet advertising from just £1.00 and this charge is only made to give added protection to buyers from fraudulent advertisers. BOOP is a great way to sell your house, holidays, cars and much more. Amazingly, when you advertise on BOOP you also get FREE advertising on BOOGAMI


BOOGAMI offers Internet advertising to anyone who is prepared to offer their goods and services CHEAPER than they are being advertised elsewhere. You advertise your goods at the full asking price on BOOP but advertise them at the cheapest price on BOOGAMI So buyers can see that they are making genuine savings on the best possible deals.


If you are investing in television, radio, newspaper or Internet advertising with a view to driving more traffic to your website, it is essential that your website doesn’t let you down. Having succeeded in motivating high numbers of visitors to your website, you want your visitors to be immediately captivated by the design, you want it to be easy to use and it needs to be visually appealing so that it stands out from the bland image projected by your competitors.

It is also imperative that it performs in the search engines, so that people surfing the Internet, find it and as a result of your advertising, instantly recognise who you are and choose to visit your site as a result. We are Europe’s leading search engine optimisers working with the UK’s most dynamic and innovative designers. Together, we combine to make an unbeatable website design team.


Newspaper advertising is essential to the success of any Internet site.

No Internet site can expect to become a household name without newspaper advertising

Knowing which newspapers to advertise in to reach the correct target market is essential. Advertise the wrong product or service in the wrong newspaper, aimed at the wrong target market with the wrong marketing message can prove more than expensive. You may know your product and market place but you need to speak to the experts to ensure you send the right message to the right audience.


Advertising your website on the Internet can end up being a totally wasted exercise if you do not understand how the search engines work. You can spend hours and a lot of money uploading details to individual websites without really knowing if your advertising is going to work. Failure to make a return on your advertising can result in you coming to the decision that the Internet is not the right medium for you. This could be an expensive decision.

Explore the links to the right of this web page and if you have any questions, need advice or are planning an Internet advertising campaign – contact us.


Advertising using competitions as a marketing medium can prove a very economic yet profitable way of promoting your website. There is little point in running a competition on your own website if you are looking at ways to increase traffic. We have an economic yet fantastic way of driving huge traffic to your site if you want to put up a prize in one of our competitions.


Televisual Magazine's survey of the top commercials production companies has put Space City at Number 1 for five consecutive years. That's because we make more TV commercials than any other UK company. We specialise in Cost - effective Commercials - made on tight budgets, ideal for first time advertisers or challenger brands.


Radio Commercials recorded and produced in our own in house studio. Space City can help you with every stage of production. We set very high standards of reliability and efficiency; we stick to deadlines and budgets.


Advertising can come in many shapes and forms and our lead generation services are an economic and cost effective method of only paying for genuine enquiries. Unlike pay per click, where you are paying for your competitors and other time wasters each time they click on your website, with lead generation, you only pay for qualified leads.

Mortgage leads are an obvious market but we would be interested in hearing from any company who may wish to participate and buy leads for other types of businesses.


If you are planning a major advertising campaign on television, radio or in the press, it is essential that you engage the services of a media buyer. Media buyers are experienced in planning and buying advertising time and space and are able to obtain the best rates whilst knowing the best places to advertise. Media buyers are paid commission by the TV and Radio stations and newspaper publishers, so you benefit from their expertise without having to pay them a fee.

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