Mentor Experiences


Accident compensation advice and support for victims of road traffic accidents and accidents at work, legal procedures, mentoring and counselling for accident victims who have suffered trauma

If you have been the victim of a serious accident the following information will make compelling reading and provide essential advice on how to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. You will find all the advice and support you need from a road traffic accident victim who fought for compensation and won through.


Mentor experiences started as an idea to allow very seriously injured people and catastrophically injured people and their families to start to understand the world of pursuing justice and compensation in the British court system. It is here to educate you about the world that you have been catapulted into. However it is not just British nationals that can benefit from the contents of this website, similarly injured persons all over the world can benefit too from the information and experiences that the writer and his family suffered from during the fighting of their own legal case.

People that have suffered from disability through non accidental means for example through illness will also benefit from reading the articles and following links that will help them in their daily lives.

Mentor means a person who provides advice and support to those with less experience.

Experience means the knowledge of and skill in something gained through being involved in.

So Mentor Experiences aims to give advice, support, knowledge and skill to those people with no experience of the life they have been catapulted into.

It is important to realize that even the most intelligent person will flounder in the life after a serious injury and illness especially if it involves the loss of a limb, body part or severe mobility problems eg paraplegia.

However those people with only minor injuries will also benefit from accessing the solicitors that we recommend. Some solicitors market themselves as Personal Injury specialists but may not have the necessary expertise to handle your case. The writers of this site can personally recommend UK top solicitors. In addition the seriously, catastrophically injured are guaranteed to have the firm's top solicitors who have experience in the level of injury you report to us with.

300,000 catastrophic accidents resulting in very serious injuries are exceedingly widespread in the UK. These are from official police statistics, if you want to use hospital casualty figures then these are 500,000 per annum.

You cannot be blamed if you don't know where to turn to if an accident happens to you or indeed if you are in a hospital bed, can anyone blame your family if they don't know what to do for the best? Who can help? Where are the answers for the many questions that you now have?

You need information. You need information quickly to enable you and your family to cope with the tragic circumstances that have happened to you.

There is free information if you know where to look. Some information is available for a small fee. Other experiences you can only experience if you live through them.

Mentor Experiences are available through articles on this site. These articles leapfrog you many months or even years of actual living through them. Imagine having someone else's experience to fall back on and the reasoning behind why you need to do something in a particular way? Invaluable experience in our view.

Mentor Experiences will help you to get information of the written experiences of someone who has survived the hospital, legal and benefit processes. You can too, but you need help. Let us be your guide.

Advice on how to claim accident compensation