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2012 London Olympics and how to earn money from the games by using innovative marketing techniques and online advertising.

Our own internet marketing is a case in point here because you stumbled across this website having made a search related to the London Olympic games in 2012. There may have been an element of luck involved but it was a planned intention to pick up traffic from the 3 billion searches that are estimated to be made with regard to the London Olympics. It is our experience and understanding of the search engines that is enabling us to profit from the search engines and you can do the same by building your own web pages. http://www.utopele.com

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That is what internet marketing is all about; being able to put your products and services in front of as many people as possible to generate sales. We may not be official suppliers to the London Olympics but we provide services that many people who are interested in the Olympics would like to use.

I should emphasise that this won't work on a small website; Google and the other search engines favour large websites with lots of content which is why it is essential to build your web pages on Utopele and if you have an existing site, link them into your website. If you don't have a website, then Utopele is the perfect way to start your new internet business.


It would be impossible to cover every scenario, so here is just one example to get your brain ticking over. There will be an estimated half a million visitors to London during the games and many will be staying on to make a holiday of their trip and these are the first market to target. In addition, there will be 3 billion or so searches made on the internet and these are most likely the people most businesses should be aiming at. I cover this target market on the next page.

So let's suppose you own a business selling women's clothes and you are based outside of London. Utopele gives you the opportunity to build a dozen web pages, each of which can be optimised by you by following very simple instructions. So you simply click and type keywords into your website builder that include keywords and search terms related to London, the Olympics, women and women's clothes. Like:
  • Visiting London stand out from the crowd in the latest women's fashions

  • Visiting the London Olympics and want to look chic in the latest women's fashions

  • Need to feel comfortable whilst watching the Olympics in London

  • Modern women's clothes near London for Olympic spectators

  • Staying in London to watch the Olympics visit our fashion boutique which is close to London

  • Women's fashion boutique near London
And so on and so forth. You have a shop near London, and you want as many people who plan on visiting the Olympics to find out about you. They may never visit your shop but that won't stop them from buying on line.

Furthermore, using Utopele, you can network with other sites that are related to your type of business and build an online business community with other companies all aiming to attract visitors looking for information about the Olympics. Do it now because people are already looking.

Now, your business might not be anywhere near London; so what should you do? You have to remember that most of the half million visitors coming to London are coming from abroad, many as far as Australia. Most are not going to make the trip without exploring the UK. So you can build your web pages using similar search terms.
  • Touring the UK after watching the Olympics in London

  • Come and stay in our Hotel after visiting the London Olympics

  • We might not be near the London Olympics but our shoe shop is well worth a visit

  • Don't visit the London Olympics without eating in our restaurant

  • When the London Olympics are over, visit our health spa for a rest
You can use your own imagination but hopefully you will get the picture and the more businesses that build their web pages on Utopele, the more traffic you are likely to get. Remember the search engines like large websites with lots of content.

Now that is only a target market of half a million people which is pretty pitiful. Now let's address the problem of targeting the three billion or so market that will simply be looking for information on the Olympics and where I believe you can start earning some real money.

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